Black Poetry : Love's Fear

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    Never leave me alone,
    you said to me aloud,
    watching my numbers,
    peeking into my rapture,
    brushing by me as if nothing happened,
    speaking only in your mind,
    never a word spoken,
    how does it feel to be imprisoned,
    and sentenced to life by love?

    Yet I never left you,
    communication will tell you,
    though you never listen,
    only interested in rejection's lifestyle,
    discomfort's game lounge,
    misery's songs by the miles,
    petrified to be you,
    even though letters you received,
    is love of you,
    you sent one first,
    no maybe last,
    selective amnesia and nervousness,
    display you as weak still standing,
    but eye sea straight thru you like glass,
    your fear while running and hiding,
    will never last as your breath tells all,
    danger you sense,
    ah nu loving forever is representing,
    that is why love's fear have your body drizzling,
    and skeleton shaking...
    you said don't say it,
    but I insist cause I love you,
    and you run sniffling with my letter soaked in your hand,
    looking backwards too whispering "I love you too"
    my oh my such blaq sweetness on the run.

    by: Nefertum Husia Shayheh from the BLAQ: Inkompletion vol. 2