Black Poetry : Love's Calling

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    Don't hate, participate
    Look at lovers and emulate
    Be a lover
    Be a warm hand holder
    Put your arm around someone's shoulder
    Look in their eyes and cause a sensation
    Feel something alive and totally different
    Something even better than sweet-deep penetration

    It's a call for you to rise above
    Devote your heart to someone else
    Pay the price to be in love
    Find love's blessings and you'll find yourself

    Over-extend to show you care
    Trust your emotions
    Open up and share
    Just like the Army
    Be all you can be
    When you're filled with someone's love
    It's done so easily

    Of course you've tried the love thing before
    Got hurt in the process
    Now you've locked your heart's door
    Say you can't go through it
    Can't take it no more
    Yes you can
    You know you can

    That was just experience
    A little love stress
    A little love strife
    Getting you ready
    For when true love
    Finally comes into your life

    Keep your heart and mind wide-open
    Filter through all that may come your way
    For the magic of love's calling
    Could happen any day

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    i agree

    don't hate join-and-gratulate LOL