Black Poetry : Lovers Suite Masterpiece


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Sep 20, 2001
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sometimes we
float around each others cosmos
trying to find out
What's in each others mind
during different times
we float around each others mind
trying to find out
what it is...or what is was...
what we mean or meant to each other
only to find out
that what it is...isn't what we thought it was
and what we thought it was
was not just a mental thing
more than a desire for biological interchange
so we float around each other
trying to find out
what kind of chemistry might be found
hoping to heat beyond 69
plus 28 degrees
temperature transmits emission,


We thus continue
messing around to find
what makes one chemically
inclined to another
to find out
that, what it what it is...
just an emotional thang coupled with the need
or desire to satisfy
intimacies of the opposite kind
XX for the XY
where we're inclined toward
a close encounter of a different kind
type of encounter
where you lose your mind...for a little time
lose your mind
while vertically aligned
to each others skin
feeling that sweet sweaty funky
kinda sin...sin...sensation
arousal awakens the need for extra attention
for the areas that crave affection
that arch in your back
which has been begging more than gentle kisses...
what it misses is a roughneck rubdown
done the right way
releasing tensions of a cold rainy day
maybe you just feel the need
for a warm embrace...
the kind that makes you forget
time, place, and the problems of the human race
where deep eye gazing
allows soul penetrating vibrations
causing emotional exhalations
accompanied by sweet whispers in your ears
a coronation of poetry
with the sentiments that release inhibitions and fears
allowing a closer connection
than just skin to skin
where hearts race...pulses pace
in synchronous beat
raising passions heat
to another level
where there are no lies to be told
where two lives can unfold
to form one
maybe though at this time
you're seeking a coronation of a different kind
the kind that happens to
the inner sanctum of your thighs
where entrance is granted
for one blessed to speak in tongues
a cunnilingus-linguistic
Just picture a constant clitoral vibration
oral stimulation
that makes the sweat bleed from
the back of your calves
while I'm holding the two half moons
of your round...MMM
till you feel the full thrust
of my tongue in your pool
arousal has never been so cruel...
girl i'm not playing no head games
not playing no head games
unless your willing to play with me
you got to just taste
what's been patiently awaiting to enter you with ease
ready to please
while you're on hands and knees
then we will see...
what makes one cosmically inclined
to another
only to find out that
what it, what it is...
and what it was...was, what it was...
and what it will, what it will be...
which may encompass
the spectrum of souls, spirits, minds and bodies
till climax comes while lying naked in bed
sharing intimate thoughts
as lovers and friends
long enough for the moment
to wisp into an eternal memory
of a lovers suite masterpiece...

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