Black Poetry : LovelyG & $$RICH$$ (mental Mind poetically love)) collab


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I've secretly thought of you
subconsciously in my dreams
ignited sweet thoughts of you
And me together in this dream
I've never seen your face
But i often begin to imagine
The touch of your embrace
written vividly in your passion

First time i read your poems
it seemed to be a gentle kiss
you had my feelings open
wishing to feel your soft lips
I knew I shouldn't even feel
This result so passionately
I can't even begin to reveal
The things I wanted to be

because I am so in love
And incredibly happy
My Risen Savior from above
sent my soul mate unto me
But if you think about it
A soul need two things
To be loved in the spirit
And to be loved poetically

so what does this mean?
Am i in love with you?
I think it's your poetry
written boldly and true
it's like like you converse with me
Through every dingle word
Beckoning unto me
To dance with you in my words

I don't think it's any thing wrong
To be in love with ya pen
A feeling this strong
cannot be for pretend
I pray you feel the same
so honest and abundantly
Cuz every since you came
My poetic life feel complete

some people may say
That this thought is crazy
But all i say
is that it can really be
I never even thought
you could love poetically
And it's like real love
Except the feeling is so free
your feel completely full
in your poetic feed
didn't know you can pull
me off my dragging feet
sometimes i'm feelin' down
and you are what i read
it's like a have crown
and poetically i'm ya queen

Deep inside my mental
poetically vision u many
times before not sure who
you are but so gracefully I know
of your soul and the love u hold
so dear, but yet u lite my fire
in the vision of u and me
just a mild walk holding handz
I often imagine your warmth
the secret of your touch
and a burning compassionate feelin
runs through me

Many days & nights i feel u near
beckoning my comfort to cover u
and within grasp of my heart
my love boils at 360 degrees
I've felt your pain
I've heard ya single cry
many time before i kiss u from
the sweep of the wind that brace
ya lovely skin to dry that tear
and even i know it will never be
but yes i have u poetically in heart
know your love is not mine
continue to crash my mind

that first flow the piece u pose
to was a beauty a warmth of a rose
i smile and knew ya soul was free
and a love thats unconditionally
i've watch ya pen many times before
it was like heart stoppin and more
a soul need to be loved
I've tryed to express it long ago
how i can caress and embrace
i felt u kiss me and your touch
a tap on the back and even sat
in my lap inside those beautiful eyez
was a real suprise of amazement
i can even start to say what i feel
but i know it's all real

and i ask how can it be
my love speaks and say
some will label me crazy
but i know for da spiritual soul
ya a beloveth pot of gold
and to the treasures u gave me
the key to unlock a rapture
these vision will last even as
time may pass the emotional
feelings of what it can be
only my eyes truely can see
your sunshine gift
and lustful smile is felt over
many miles the beauty u pose
i've embrace see and know
my look on the face
and when we flow i am in bond
a bliss two of a kind
i relax just to entewine

I feel the directional maze
and the heart i crave
so i am in love with ya pen
yo poetry calling me in
from above i fly a flyte
but i watch u day & night
the feelin' feel so right
poetically u wrap sweet & tyte
it's like skin touching skin
deeper and deeper we blind
inside the heavens above
ur made to be loved
nubian goddess queen
hear the song my heart sing
never knew one can feel
the same make it real
so sweet and honest fill with hope
and abundantly
is my confess and a only request
to have and hold forever and whole
not sure what u make say
or how u feel but hope u only
understand my heart and my hand
i scribe and place it on the table
hope ya heart is ready and able
musing in ya rapture of beings
poetically i am ya magical Royal


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