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    In order for me to effectively convey my love to you Black Woman, I must first share what my definition of love is. However, that could prove to be a difficult concept to define because of it's elasticity. Also, it is true that love means many things to many people. So in one's definition, that too has to be kept in mind. Eventually, there must come a point where a working definition can be offered. I will begin with a key component of love.

    My love for you is built upon understanding.

    Understanding is a mixture of life experience, mature patience and keeping legitimate criticism at a minimum. Those three ideas can be further examined. Please be mindful that all these concepts can overlap.

    EXPERIENCE: Here, I can see when something occurs, let's say a Queen does something that could be against the legitimate and reasonable traditions of the black life experiences will tell me that perhaps there is an underlying cause for this behavior. Life experience means that I will never forget where I came from or what I've been through or what I've seen those who I love go through. When you feel this, you will automatically apply this to whatever it is you not feeling about someone else.

    This then takes us to mature PATIENCE. It is true that patience is a virtue. But know the difference between regular patience and mature patience. When I'm patient with you and you see this there is a better chance that we can work together to resolve the conflict between you and me. Of course, I know it doesn't always work and there is a moment when the well of patience runs dry. Basically, mature patience says something to the effect: "I may not like what's happening, but I wont say I don't see why it is happening."

    With mature patience and life experience applied, then we move to KEEPING LEGITIMATE CRITICISMS AT A MINIMUM. This is better known as "judging."

    If you took many people's ability to point fingers at others, you will find they have nothing else to say. They have become addicted to putting people down in order to raise themselves up.

    Legitimate criticism/judging is different. Nothing wrong with this. Nothing at all. But this should be used sparingly and in the worst case scenarios. For example. If a Brotha kills another Brotha, we can be patient with him and apply our life experiences with his plight and factor in the conditions that he finds himself in. However, we can't let him slide with killing another black man. Yes, he must be judged and then punished commensurate with his actions.

    When I love Black Women, I understand that we all go through things. We all have bad days. We all face challenges. Shananay's challenge may be different than Brittney's challenge but both have them. It may take LaQuisha longer to overcome her personal challenges than it does Monique.

    If you're born here in the West, there's no way in the world you could be immune from slip ups. They gone happen. So this is why I will not hold that against you Black Woman. My love for you will not have me to throw you off a cliff but rather help you get away from one.

    When I love you, I never stop factoring in how you are treated in the media and how your legacy is distorted.

    And even though there may be times when I may find some things about you objectionable, I will only convey the good things about you...because I love you.