Black Poetry : Love

MR. Marion

i was saying your piece spoke of love when it's new and just starting up

my piece on "why do you do what you do"
is a piece on how the love has turned into something else that's all
but that still doesn't take away from your good work.

Mr. GQ wrote we're "ordinary nobles",
that some responses read like long novels. and i took exception to say we write responses befitting a king or queen is mad, because here at Destee's you can be a king or queen for a day and what's wrong with that. i stated my case i took it where it needed to go. because i look at some of the responses and it's like the "reader" didn't read the thread because of the way the response was worded.

Mr. Marion it sounds like i'm beefing but i'm not if you knew me better you would see my angle

yo do a name search under "Da Street So'ja" and "Street So'ja" so you can get a better idea of what So'ja is really about.

Peace and love as always


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