Black Poetry : Love

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
Talking about love
Transends all common boundaries

I'm talking about the love
That's overwhelming like a fload

A channel and a passage
That flows endlessly

I'm not talking about the conditional
But the unconditional

Ability to recieve


But not entirely physical

Talking about
The love that never dies
Even to the grave

A rose of eternity
That never dies
Never fades
Never ceases
Never withers

I'm talkin about the love
That rescues you
Changes you
Love that frees you

When you wake up in the morning
Love is profound

Till the point
Where you are so consumed
By it's presence
You are engulfed in it
You don't have to reach for it or look for it
It's right there in your bosom
Right there in you heart

Liberal love
Where there is peace
And love is patient and kind

All the things that the bible
Says it is

Love that even after death
Makes you want to go on

Because love
Real love
Never dies

It's awake
It's alive
It's free
Love makes you do things
That you didn't think you could do

Love that makes you do
Instead of

Love will keep you
Love will remind you
Love, real love
Will be kind to you
Love will never lie to you
Love will only tell you the truth
Love never dies
Love never dies
Love never dies

Because it's eternal
Even beyond human life

Quenching your thirst
As you hunger for love

You no longer
Want lust anymore

You want the real thing
You want love

Desert Storm

Thanks for checkin this one out. Drifting away again. I dream too much. But it's good for my soul.I see some things that people don't see. And still I remain this passionate type of dreamer womban~child.I'm gone start singin Janet in a minute. lol ~I GET SO LONELY,CAN'T LET JUST ANYBODY HOLD ME~ You ARE THE ONE WHO LIVES INSIDE OF ME~ It's All love, Thanks,Madd
Desert Storm


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