Black Short Stories : LOVE WITH A WOMAN PART II

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    Days 2, 3, 4, 5 and maybe 6 led me ultimately into the world of this woman.

    By this time I had managed to earn studio time, but the dude insisted that I don't call him because his agenda is to take me from my man. I respect his honesty. We had breakfast, and rapped for some people. It was cool.

    I managed to flip a dream into no words with the DJ/producer who said, "let's go make this million," which in and of itself was the clue, that he couldn't be trusted. He asked me to consider writing some love songs for his R&B artists when I specifically told him that I was Mrs. Lady aka Woman Scorned, Hiphop, not R&B. He almost had me convinced that I wasn't Mrs, but when his luck suddenly became worse then bad on top of him being 3 hours late to record what I deemed my souls expression of Love for Hip Hop, I sensed two things, Hip Hop and trouble. Trouble with this cat, because I found myself in a situation where my kindness was being taken advantage of, and my Love being questioned, my very life and revelation, and Hip Hop because then came the sign.

    I'm in the Bronx, where it "all started", not too far from 1520 and 1600 Sedgewick Avenue, and Cedar Park, the "birthplace of Hip Hop", and the first people I come into contact with make claim that Kool Herc ain't the original, and since one of these unknowns was the brother, I had no problem asking for the digits if he was doing it before Herc, because now the mission is to investigate this claim, and let KRS know about this.

    One time I saw KRS on a video, and the Teacha says, "Those who participate in real Hip Hop, participate in it psychically." This statement became urgent for me and I wanted to know in more detail what it meant.

    Well, shortly thereafter, I was in the mix with Kris, and as he proceeded to give his charismatically magnetic serminar and interpretation of Hip Hop story he says while looking directly into my eyes:

    "You know, there were others that were dj'ing in the park back then before Herc, but the difference is Herc was doing it for free."

    I don't think it gets more psychic then that, and when Mr. Hip Hop is actually listening to thoughts, him signing my book Mrs. Lady is as urgent to me as him answering the question I hadn't actually asked out loud yet.

    I was vulnerable to that producer/dj and his surroundings because I doubted the very existence of my own Hip Hop life, by questioning what I already knew before I arrived.

    So, I left the Bronx, Mrs. Hiphop because that was how I got there, and next stop....

    Brooklyn, Brooklyn


    The woman.
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    awesome sis............. more more moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!