Black Short Stories : Love Unkind Chapter 1

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    The wind coming through the open window in the kitchen began to cool me off a bit as I finished up the dinner dishes. The television was loud, as usual, my three kids watching some cartoons in the other room. As soon as I moved over to the stove to grab the pot of collard greens to place them in one of my tupperware bowls, that's when I heard the big crash.

    "What was that noise?" I yelled into the other room.
    It was quiet for a minute before I felt a tug at my leg, I looked down to see my youngest daughter, Liana standing there. "Momma, it was Kris, he knocked down one of your vases. I told him to sit down before he got in trouble." She had such an innocent look on her face.

    I took in a deep breath knowing there was more to the story but what was the use in arguing over spilled milk? "Monica!" I called for my oldest daughter.

    "Ma'am?" she called out.

    "Get the broom and dustpan and get that mess up. Kris, you and Liana go sit your butts on the couch until Monica is done."

    As the kids were doing what they were told, I decided it was time for a vacation. I loved my kids, God knows I did but, I was always stuck with them when I wasn't at work. It may sound harsh to say as a parent that you're always stuck with them but dammit, it was the truth! I needed a break before I went completely off on them. As I let the dishwater out of the sink, I headed to the living room where Monica was getting the rest of the mess up.

    "Now, playtime is over." I put my hand up as the kids began to try and bicker with me over what had happened. "No! I want ya'll in the bed right after your teeth are brushed. Now!" Little feet began to move and move quick.

    I sat down on the couch to gather some sense of peace and quiet as I glanced at the clock on the wall, 11:00 p.m. And the ***** still ain't home! What fantabulous lie did he think I would fall for this time? He'd been gone, out the door like a missile since the kids and I had gotten back from the park.

    "Hey, can I borrow your keys?" He'd asked her with his hand out.

    I looked at him like he was dumb. "Let's see, you don't have a license, you don't have a job and no money but you want to borrow my car and use my gas to go where you want? Whatcha think the answer is?" I stood with my hands on my hips.

    "All you had to do was say no, ****!" He said as he put on his raggedy old tennis shoes.

    "I could've sworn I just did!" I said walking far away from his ***.

    "Look, I'm going out for a bit." He was headed for the door.

    "While you're out, why don't you try and find a job?" I asked.

    "Now you know I've been looking but I can't find nothing."

    "Oh, there are places that's hiring, I just told you about a few Keisha told me about." I stood looking dead at him now.

    He was silent, I guess thinking of a lie. "I'm already working with my dude, we just gotta finish up this one house......." I cut him off quick.

    "You been finishing up that same **** house for what six months now? You gone all day, half the night and come back with no money. Everytime, not sometime......EVERYTIME!" I took a deep breath to calm down, "That's not a job, that's a hobby, you're playing Bob the Builder and me and these kids don't have time for it. I need help with the rent, the bills, the kids clothes and shoes. I'm sick of having this same tired argument with you."

    "Well I need things, too! Look at my shoes, they fallin apart." He held his foot up as if I was supposed to care.

    "You are an old, grown *** man! It is your job to provide for us, not the other way around. I am not your momma, maybe you need to go back home to her!"

    "You know what, maybe I will! You get to do whatever you want with money you get, what do I get? Nothing!" He began to mumble but loud enough for me to hear.

    "That's because I work! Get a **** job! Or get the **** out!" I yelled.

    "Why? So you can get another man? That's all you want ain't it? I know it is." He said.

    "Another implies I had one in the first place!" I screamed.

    We both stood looking at each other. I wasn't going to back down because I was in the right. Fourteen years of this **** is enough! He worked at first, odd jobs but he was bringing in money. Now all he wants to do is hang with his friends. I kept telling him, if they are your friends, then why do they all have steady jobs and you don't? Who ain't lookin out for who? I always got some half *** excuse to why they couldn't help him. Even a dog gets tired is all I kept hearing in my ear.

    "I'll be back." He said opening the front door.

    "Try not to." I said.

    "Whatever." Those were the last words he said as the door closed behind him.

    I heard the water in the upstairs bathroom sink turn off and the kids called down goodnight to me. "I love ya'll, goodnight." I told them back. Finally, some peace and quiet. I headed over to my other prized possession besides my children, the computer and decided to get on my social network just to see what was happening. Just as I got comfortable in the chair, someone sends me a message:

    Hey girl, whatcha been up to? Ain't heard from you in a while. Larry

    Been working and taking care of home like always. What you been up to? I type back.

    Working, too. So where's your other half? Larry

    Gone.......why? Me

    So it's just you and the kids? Larry

    Yes.....once again, why? Me

    I'd like to see you. Larry

    Now you know that's not going to happen. Me

    Why? He ain't doing you or them kids right and you know how I feel about you. Larry

    Everytime, I swear with him, the same old line the same old same old. I got enough problems and I'm really not feeling this conversation right now.

    You already know why. Me

    Why you so hung up on that dude? He's not doing nothin for you. Why you scared to give me a chance? Larry

    The only thing I'm afraid of is God ok? Me

    You know I'm here for you if you need me.......for anything. Larry

    Yeah, I know what anything means. That's all you think about, sex. Me

    Not all I think Larry

    Yeah, it is all he thought about, I thought to myself.

    Look, I gotta go. Me

    Ok ttyl Larry.

    I search for some recipes in the hopes I can pull something good together for the kids to eat tomorrow since they have a slight problem with leftovers, thanks to their grandmother. I found a site that has some good southern recipes and begin to print them when I hear a key in the door.

    "Oh, you're still up." Kelvin says to me.

    "Where else was I supposed to be?" I asked him.

    "Look, Shante, I'm tired of arguing with you. I just want to get something to eat and go to bed, ok?"

    "You shoulda ate where you was." I said.

    He let out a sigh, "You know what, I won't eat your food ok! And I **** sure won't sleep in your bed either!" Kelvin yelled.

    "Keep your **** voice down, my babies are asleep! I could care less about you not eating and even less about you not being in my bed!" I say as I keep looking at recipes. Yeah, I multi-task well.

    "Whatever, I'm going to sleep." He said laying on the couch.

    "Whatever." I respond. This was truly getting old. Every day it's an argument, over the littlest thing and nothing. There had to be something better out there. This couldn't be all there was to life and surely not how love was supposed to be.

    "Tell your new dude he can have you." I heard Kelvin say.

    "What?!" I turn around to look at him but his back is towards me. Either he's stupid as **** or plain comfortable that I won't throw nothing at him.

    "I know you're talking to men on that thing." He said.

    I laughed and covered my mouth hoping I didn't wake the kids. "You are so dumb. Did you not see what I was doing when you came in?"

    "You heard what I said." He says.

    "If I had a dude, believe me you would know about it! Be the first in fact, to know. I don't hide nothing!" I said.

    He was quiet. "Can't make a hoe into a housewife."

    "What?! What did you just call me?" I asked as I got up from my chair.

    Kelvin turned over and looked me square in the eye, "Can't make a hoe into a housewife."

    He was really feeling his wheaties tonight! "I have never been a hoe! How dare you call me that, I'm the mother of your kids and you have such little respect for me that you can let that word slip from your lips so easily."

    "What else am I supposed to think when you are up half the night on that computer? When I am in the bed, you don't come uptairs for hours."

    "Why would I want to come to bed knowing you're there? It's not like I have a reason." I say.

    "That's what the problem is, you need daddy to lay it down on you." He said trying to get up.

    I put my hands up in between us so that he knows not to even try what he's thinking. "No, I need a man to get a job, one that requires a paycheck being brought in every week or every two weeks, to help his woman pay bills, take care of his children, you know, man up to his responsibilities. That's what I need."

    "Well maybe if I had a little support."

    "All I've been doing is supporting your lazy ***. Marriage is give and take and all you been doing is taking. Its time to give dammit! What you won't do another man will." I explain as I head back to the computer.

    "Well let another man then." Kelvin says, sitting on the couch lighting a cigarette.

    "You don't want that." I calmly say.

    "If another man can deal with you, he can have your ***. All you do is nag and complain, I try to make you happy and all I get is this bull everyday. I'm tired of it Shante, tired. You probably been sleeping with another man anyway."

    "I am so sick and tired of you accusing me of sleeping around. What, you feeling guilty about something?" I ask him looking him dead in his eyes.

    "Don't have nothin to be guilty of." He says exhaling the smoke. "Who'd want you anyway, you're overweight, got three kids and a bad attitude." He smirked.

    "Hold up partner, just because I'm not the weight I was when I first met your sorry *** don't mean I'm not still fine. And the kids, who helped me make them? There are plenty of men.............plenty " I emphasized the word plenty, "who find me a catch, okay? The attitude, wonder how I got that. Oh yeah, I remember, from years of dealing with your sorry, no good, lazy, bum, bottom feeding behind."

    He laughed, "If you feel like that, why am I here?"

    That was a good question, "I would love nothing more than to put you out, for the sake of our children is why you are here but even that is wearing thin." I explained.

    Kelvin put his cigarette out in the ashtray and turned to lie back down, not saying another word to me as I finished up what i was doing. There was no earthly reason for us to still be together, I used to blame it on being used to each other but now, I blame it on my stupidity. I have a full-time job, a car that I keep getting fixed so we can have transportation and I pay the rent and bills so, really, why was he here? I don't want my kids to grow up without a father being in their lives, I knew what that felt like. But what I'm doing now, staying in a marriage with a man who doesn't have any goals, any ambition, any love for his family, is that any better? My happiness matters, too so why was I so **** bent on remaining in this?

    *This is a fictional story*

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    betwixt and between
    This was my favorite part : "Momma, it was Kris, he knocked down one of your vases. I told him to sit down before he got in trouble." She had such an innocent look on her face.

    i feel like i'm eavesdropping on someone's conversation, but ...

    i had no idea such a kind offer of assistance meant only sex ... :look:

    You know I'm here for you if you need me.......for anything. Larry

    Yeah, I know what anything means. That's all you think about, sex. Me

    Great story! The drama is more than i could stand living myself, but i'm sure there's a Sister or two doing it.

    Thanks for Sharing!


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    the near north

    first, the flow was tight. the drama was real. and you kept it going.

    with that said, why do women hang on to men with no plans of ever contributing to the success of the relationship? i mean, i can understand going through a drought...especially in an economically depressed environment...but even then you should be trying. at the very least, you should clean the house and cook the food by the time she gets home from work; you should give her a break from the that all the burden isn't on her. a man has to be a man. bringing home the bacon isn't the only thing you can do to play that role.

    and kids shouldn't be the only reason you stay in a relationship.


    nice story.