Black Relationships : Love/True love..define it..

Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by Mahogany_Brown, Jul 11, 2003.

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    Ok...I had to start this thread in order to be clarified on this subject. I keep seeing alot of threads talking about being "in love", and to be truthfull with the family whenever I see them I roll my eyes. Hey, I'm being honest ya'll. I'm sure some can understand how annoying this can be when you constantly hear this. Now before someone jumps to the abrupt and impatient conclusion that I don't believe in "love" let me further define what I mean. It seems that the definition of love by people is so shallow as is evidenced by the divorce rate. I really don't overstand how someone can promise to "love someone until the day they die" when alot of people don't even know how they will feel in a month from now.

    Furthermore, how do we know what love is? I say that alot of it has to do with the media who tells us what love is or should be...for example, the numerous women magazines like Cosmopolitan, Essence, tv shows like 90210, Melrose place, soap aperas, music videos, numerous movies about "love". So is "love" universal or can it be defined differently by seperate societies.

    With the constant day to day over stimulation that we recieve in this society, are we told what love is or is it something so pure that it cannot be touched by this constant stimuli like the magazines, tv shows, soap operas etc.. We know that alot of people fall "in love" with someone because they started liking how they looked or what car he/she drove or what money this person has. Can this be classified as "love" if you first fall for someone based on the material trinkets that they possess, but then you discover their great personality etc..

    Also people talk about "love" and "true love". Now isn't love already supposed to be true? So why is love and true love always differentiated. So what I want to know is how do you define "love"/falling in love. Do you think ones upbringing and culture plays a part or do you think that its something so powerful and pure that culture doen't matter and media programming doesn't play a part?

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    I'm sure I could probably come up with something more eloquent if I gave it a lot of thought, but my initial reaction to your wonderfully worded message was this.

    Maybe what we feel in the beginning is a very strong attraction to an individual and feel a more powerful than usual affection toward them. Maybe "real" love is a day-by-day process of growing closer to someone spiritually and emotionally. Maybe you don't know that it's "real" love until you've reached some point on your journey together that when you think about them, or when asked how you feel, there's no other word that you can come up with to adequately describe the way you feel.

    Just a thought....good thread, sis!

    Peace :heart: