Black Short Stories : Love & the Olympiads reprint 2000

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    By Andre Austin

    Love Battle: Spence vs. The Prince

    Spence: Green eyes weakens myself like Kryptonite
    Blinded by the vision she cast into my sight
    Couldn’t handle the abduction of her during the night
    I never had cause until now to fight

    Spence: My love for her is true blue Romance
    I took her from you during a wonderful dance
    Fear not the sight of your troops that advance
    Mia’s eyes have me in a trance and our loves isn’t by chance

    Prince: Your desire for Mia isn’t love but mere lust
    Mia is mine; tradition says it’s a must
    I will destroy your kingdom founded by Romulus
    Don’t make me tear down these walls and turn it to dust

    Spence: Women aren’t property an object to keep
    I was in love the very first time my eyes took a peep
    Together we shall rest and sleep
    Personally I think your tradition is cheap

    Prince: On an oath on my word I will spare your life
    Be wise young Spence and give up this strife

    Prince: Our traditions are beyond your sense
    Release Mia from your presence
    I will offer a handsome recompense
    What’s the problem with you sir Spence?

    Spence: There’s no problem at all I’m just not convinced
    Mia’s a priceless jewel for me, she’s not worthy to an evil prince

    Spence: The problem could be I’m full of her charm
    Giving her back to Ethiopia might cause some harm

    Prince: For this my rival your hands shall never scratch your head
    From this time on consider yourself as gooder than dead

    Cast of Characters:

    King Oba: Ruler over the kingdom of Ethiopia
    Prince Azibo: Pledged to marry Mia
    Jimiyu: Father of Mia
    Emperor Caesar: Ruler of Rome
    Mom: Mother of Spencer before he enters his dream
    Spencer: High school Kid who dreams
    Juan: A good Daemon
    Cornelius: A bad Daemon
    Mia: Female Olympic track star
    Royal Scribe: Translator for Caesar
    Royal Wizard: Advisor to King Oba
    Royal Messenger for King Oba
    Captain: Military commander of Ethiopian army

    “Perhaps you’ve heard the legend of a girl
    she said, who could outrun all human kind
    or girls or men. That legend was no lie
    she did outrun them and her reputation
    for she was swift as she was beautiful” -Ovid

    SCENE I In a Teenagers bedroom

    Mom: Its ten 0’clock Spencer. It’s past your bedtime. You know you have a test early in the mourning in history. Now you know history is one of your weakest subjects.

    Spencer: I’m not weak in History I just don’t like it. Who cares about what happened way back when they didn’t even have televisions. Their lives must have been boring. The ancient history left to us is just a composite of war filled with murder.

    Mom: But if men didn’t write down history we wouldn’t of had a Koran and Bible to teach us to love rather than go to war.

    Spencer: I never thought of Religion as history.

    Mom: Well now is the time to start thinking. What we know as religion might have perhaps been a faded memory if Octavian’s fleet had not defeated Anthony and Cleopatra in 31 B.C at the battle of Actium. If Cleopatra would of won she and her Egyptian religion would have been our religion.

    Spencer: For real?

    Mom: Yes, you would have been burning incense to Isis and Osiris.

    Spencer: Wow. I never knew this.

    Mom: Its because your so busy watching MTV rap videos. Turn off the TV and pick up a book every now and then.

    Spencer: Television isn’t all that bad. What about the History Channel?

    Mom: Son. No person or show can educate you like a book can. Very few people have the memory to recite Homer’s Iliad or his Odyssey. And if they could recite it they would charge you large sums of money for you to hear it. This is why they wrote it down in books so they could pass down their knowledge to their descendants.

    Spencer: Mom can I go down stairs and get a snack.
    Mom: No its time to go to bed. Give me a hug and kiss. Goodnight.

    Spencer: Goodnight Mom.

    Mom: Sweet dreams.

    SCENE II Inside the dreams of Spencer. Many snores have past Spencer over the moon that’s shinning throughout the night. It's 4:am. The goddess of dreams arrives. Spencer “wakes up” within his sleep.

    Spencer: Man this Coliseum is huge. It can hold about a hundred thousand citizens. Hey Juan let me read the program. Pindar the poet will open up with a poem then the ladies will compete against each other in four athletic events.

    Pindar: Though water be the first of all the elements, yet gold spark-
    Ling like a flame in the night, overshadows all other treasure
    With its proud opulence. Would you sing of the Games, O
    My heart? Then seek not in the desert of the noonday sky
    A star more dazzling than the sun, nor hope to celebrate a
    Contest more glorious than Olympia’s.

    Juan: Wow that was bad. Sounds more like Pindar was talking about a sweet woman than cold metal like gold.

    Spencer: I second that. Juan break a piece of your bread and throw it to Pindar as a sign of your appreciation of his poem.

    Juan: listen to the magnificent of the trumpets play as the female contestants march on to the track.

    Spencer: It sounds like almost the sounds of war but there’s only beautiful women stepping in harmony with the tunes. Juan who are all the countries that are competing this year.

    Juan: Well the program states that India, Parthia, Egypt, Crete, Cyprus, Palestine, Syria, Rome, Ethiopia, Israel and Turkey are all playing against each other. All the other countries not mentioned are either at war with each other or fighting each other in their own civil wars.

    Spencer: The lord Apollo has sent me a flaming desire Juan. Juan who is that girl waking in the first row. The one who is third to the last from the right side.

    Juan: That’s Mia Zenobia representing Ethiopia.

    Spencer: Mia is the one for me. Just look at her. Oh Apollo how did she get those exotic green eyes and have skin the shade of bronze?
    Juan: Legend has it that Mia’s great grandfather Memon went to war in alliance with Egypt against Sparta. While general Memon was there produced a child named Ouma.
    Ouma was called that name because he was born through a Caesarian surgery because the Spartan mother died giving birth. Memon took his son back to Ethiopia with himself. Ouma had a son named Jimiyu who in turn gave birth to his daughter Mia, the Olympic star.

    Spencer: So I take it she gets her green eyes from her Spartan great grandmother she never knew?

    Juan: I think this would be the best and brightest of all possible explanation.

    Spencer: If only I could arrange to a conversation with her. I just know she would want to be mine.

    Juan: But you’re a Roman citizen and only Romans marry Romans. Besides she is already pledged to a man in Ethiopia Prince Azibo I think is his name. He’s an ambassador to Germania I do believe.

    Cornelius: So what Spencer. The fact of the matter is that Mia is still free do choose any man she so desires. After the games are over. There will be a banquet tonight in Caesar’s ballroom. You will have your chance then to match yourself with the women of your dreams.

    Juan: Poor soul Spencer hypnotized by women decorated with green eyes. Don’t allow Cornelius run you down under this bewitchment, this dark magical spell that has no rainbow at the end. This fascination will only rain with knives that will stab the living daylights out of your gullible heart.

    Spencer: Silence the both of you. The games are about to commence. The hundred stadia run is about to start. Juan and Cornelius I will bet you both 25 fish marks a piece that Mia will win this race.

    Juan: Count me out Mia’s the favorite to win.

    Cornelius: I pass. I’m not a fool. Mia has the strength of Spartan and the speed of an Ethiopian leopard.

    Moderator: On your mark get set the Javelin is thrown indicating to the runners to run.

    Spencer: Mia is running so fast her Toga separated from her body revealing Apollo’s best of molds in manufacturing.

    Cornelius: A women body is man’s best prize the gods have sent to us Spencer. And if you play your cards right Mia shall soon be your bride.

    Spencer: I concur.

    Juan: Think again.

    Spencer: My mind is made up. I desire Mia. Did you see how many sand clock seconds she beat her opponents? Just look how good-looking she is. She’s holding up her country’s flag, which is the same as the leopard’s skins. I can’t bare to look on to much at her smile. For if I stare to long I will faint due to too much stimulation to my senses.

    Moderator: And as the Olympic ceremonies continued through out the day Mia would go on to win four gold medals in total. Mia won the High jump, the long jump, the 200 stadia run and the 100 stadia run.

    Spencer: Look Juan. Mia is standing a top of the wooden platforms ready to receive her gold medal trophies.

    Juan: Look at the diadem they’re placing over her head. 100% pure silver.

    Spencer: You do not have to look at Ethiopia. You can see Ethiopia through her green eyes. The land of Ethiopia must be green too producing all the necessary foods to feed in abundance their populace.

    Juan: Mia looks like she could be the queen of Ethiopia. Her bronze complexion matches that of a cedar tree in Libya. The bark of the trees I hear is also medicine to those who are out of love.

    Cornelius: Remember she could be your Queen Spencer. Never turn your back on good-looking women. Take your opportunity now for the sun shall never set and rise in the same place twice.

    SCENE III At the banquet in Caesar’s ballroom.

    Spencer: May I have a dance with the fastest women in the world.

    Mia: If you know how to dance you will have to teach me. In this art I lack due to all of my concentration of exercising my body to win gold medals.

    Spencer: Didn’t your wise priest inform you that dancing is exercise too?

    Mia: Yes but I lack the time.

    Spencer: I love that dress purple dress you’re wearing. Where did you get it from Tyre?
    I’ve heard the Phoenicians are the best makers of this dye.

    Mia: My father Jimiya imported it from Tyre. Some merchants brought it to us from Arabia. This is my first time wearing it.

    Spencer: It fits you well. There’s not too much to imagine with respect to the built of your curves and how all of your exercise have blessed you. Wait a moment. I feel the urge to converse a poem

    Your apple green eyes the two pebbles shine
    Emerald birthstone of May suits you fine
    The water of salvia intoxicates like Gaul’s finest wine
    When your fingers touch me is like a thunderbolt running up my spine.

    Struck by Cupid
    I feel crazy stupid
    Whenever I see your face
    Remarkable woman built with grace

    You don’t know me yet
    Or understand I got a crush
    Only if I had the courage
    To get off this shy crutch

    Do u believe a potion in nine
    I could fall for that picture
    Filled with sparkling wine
    In my heart is your fixture

    I need a kiss
    I want to hold your finger
    And touch your bottom lips
    Can you fall in love with a poet singer

    I’m loving your image
    I sprint to keep up with your pace
    Your smile fits your cutie pie face
    Can we practice tonight on a scrimmage?

    I promise to keep up the speed
    I will not drop my seed
    Because the rat race will heed
    No smoke atop my head with weeds

    Mia: Stop it. Before my blush reveals the magic of you passionate words. It was never my intentions to wear a shapeless dress.

    Spencer: I may have passionate words but you posses passionate looks. I feel like I’m a prisoner in your magical spell. Where is your husband to be Prince Azibo?

    Mia: He’s busy at work with political affairs in Germania.

    Spencer: Its too bad he couldn’t see you win your events or see you in this purple dress. Sights like these come once in every blue moon. Like the falling of stars or the sun being eclipsed by the moon.

    Mia: But four years from now Azibo promises to be at the next Olympics scheduled to be held in Babylon.

    Spencer: Don’t get your hopes up too high. You know these Politicians are always neglecting their women. I know. I’ve seen things others don’t.

    Mia: How is this

    Spencer: My uncle in law Caesar is never happy. His wife Cindy doesn’t love him anymore because Caesar is constantly waging war campaigns through out the world. He’s been away from 3 to 5 years within the past ten years. Tell no one this secret.

    Mia: Your secret is sealed within my lips.

    Spencer: The secret being that Cindy secretly is having an affair with one of the praetorian guards.

    Mia: They should turn that guard into a slave and castrate him this instant. The praetorian should be amongst the living dead.

    Spencer: Who just are the “Living dead”?

    Mia: The eunuchs that’s who.

    Spencer: But it’s not his fault for he was seduced by Cindy not the other way around.

    Mia: True love isn’t false. There may be volcanic eruptions from time to time but there is serenity. The tides may turn and rise but the waters still remain. And the same goes for love.
    Spencer: What do you know about love. My young Dove. Your marriage has been arranged by your father Jimiyu to Prince Azibo. Your father has prevented you from touching a man. Cupid’s archery has never poked you. Your two-casaba melons have not yet been milk by a calf of human lips. You wouldn’t know love if it kissed you in your mouth.

    Mia: You think so?

    Spencer: I know so.

    Moderator: Spencer sneaks a kiss to Mia. Mia is stunned. The kiss lasted 2 minutes. Mia didn’t pluck herself away from Spencer indicating she was enjoying it.

    Spencer: Now that’s a kiss of pure love.

    Mia: It felt so good but my father warned me about this cunning type of love.

    Spencer: The only cunning love is that of a forced love. Love isn’t something that’s arranged.

    Mia: Well the kiss wasn’t inhospitable. Azibo never kissed me like this before.

    Spencer: He never kissed you like this before because his eyes were never captivated by your eyes. How did it feel like when my tongue drained the salvia from your mouth?

    Mia: I felt like you were taking away the love for my husband to be. Your kisses I must say has all the power to disrobe a monk that was living in a cave alone for ten years.

    Spencer: Its time for the monk to be released from his cave. Its time for you to be free. Free to love and be with whom you desire. Lets leave this Ball and go for a walk.

    Mia: That would be nice because I need some fresh air from that long erotic kiss.

    SCENE IV Mia & Spencer walking through Caesar’s Garden

    Spencer: Look at this red rose. It can’t match the color of your lips. The rose smells good but your perfume will make a dove land down on top of your head and sing. Beauty attracts beauty.

    Mia: I will admit you have a honeyed tongued and there is much charm, vigor and determination with you. But If I were to be yours how do you suppose that my father who has much influence wouldn’t cut off your head. My father’s great grandfather was a general who won a war for Ethiopia. Jimiyu and Prince Azibo would have the King Oba’s ear.

    Spencer: They can’t force you to wed a man your not even in love with you. Now can they?

    Mia: Maybe so. But Prince Azibo can be hard to predict.

    Spencer: Then it’s settled. Here’s some papyrus. Write Prince Azibo a letter and give him our good news, which is his bad.

    Mia: Okay, but if something goes wrong don’t blame me.

    Spencer: Don’t worry about anything. I take full responsibility if anything goes wrong.

    Mia: I will write the letter tonight while I resting in my bed.

    Spencer: Until the sunrise will be the time I see you again.

    Moderator: Its mourning and Spencer is knocking on Mia’s bedroom door.

    Mia: Come in Spencer.

    Spencer: Good mourning. How are you doing Mia?

    Mia: Fine. I’ve just finished the letter. You want to read it.

    Spencer: Please read it to me dear.

    Mia: ‘I don’t know how to say this Azibo but I’m in love with another man. Your overseas work would only make cold sheets. My desire is for Spencer Unglue. He’s related to Caesar. I want to marry him’.

    Spencer: I will seal this up and have it mailed to him today. It will take about three weeks for him to receive this message.

    Mia: I hope this doesn’t boil up.

    Moderator: During the meantime Spencer and Mia are having a good time. They have been going to plays together enjoying the works of Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides. They had their most fun together watching the gladiator shows. Chills went up Mia’s spine as she watched the convicts scramble for their lives as they unleashed all the tigers from their cages.

    SCENE VI Inside Prince Azibo’s ambassador office in Germania. The Royal messenger delivers Mia’s note.

    Prince Azibo: Thank you messenger. Wait outside my office for now.

    Messenger: As you wish sir

    Prince Azibo: What in the world has come over Mia. I’m not going to let them get away with this. Who the hell do they think they are? It’s traditional that a father is allowed to choose his daughter groom. Scretary prepare the royal luggage. Were going back to Ethiopia to report this to King Oba.

    Secretary: Right away sir.

    SCENE VII Prince Azibo has just arrived in Ethiopia. Azibo marches straight towards the Royal Palace to report the matter to King Oba and Mia’s father Jimiyu.

    Prince Azibo: King Oba we can’t allow those Romans to disgrace us. We are the laughing stock of the world. People are thinking that we can’t control our women. And if we can’t control our women then we can’t control our kingdom.

    King Oba: The perception would be this. We will look weak and other countries might try considering to invade our territories.

    Jimiyu: The reputation of my heritage is at stake. Mia just won four gold medals in the Olympics and now she chooses to marry Roman. My daughter is making all Ethiopian men look inferior and unworthy to marry. My great grand father General Memon fought alongside General Hannibal against the Romans.

    Royal Wizard: If it pleases the King may I offer some advice?

    King Oba: Proceed.

    Royal Wizard: Can we not save face and save a war by proclaiming that it doesn’t matter who Mia marries because her green eyes reveals that she’s already mixed with blood of the Spartans who are related to the Romans.

    King Oba: This would have been workable if Mia wasn’t a hero who won four gold medals. She is a celebrity. And the property of Ethiopia. Until I figure out what to do I’m withdrawing our ambassador to Rome first. And then I’m sending a message to Emperor Ceasar to ship back Mia to Ethiopia.

    SCENE VIII At Caesar Royal court

    Royal Scribe: Lord Caesar I’ve just finished translating King Oba message.

    Caesar: Good. Then what does it say.

    Royal Scribe: Well King Oba says that he sent his ambassador back home because your cousin in law has humiliated the whole Kingdom of Ethiopia by marrying their hero Mia. He also desires you to send back Mia on a ship to avoid any future conflicts.

    Caesar: He must be out of his mind. Who does he think he is giving me orders and commands? Does he not forget that we stopped Hannibal in his pursuits? We defeated him and he was forced to commit suicide. He threw himself on his sword after he lost. We defeated them once and we shall defeat them again. Royal Scribe writes message back to him with just one word: “LUNATIC”.

    Royal Scribe: Perhaps we might be a little precaution with our choose of words. The Ethiopian people are already inflamed. Let us not inflame them more by having them madder already at us. The Romans soldiers are not inflamed because we haven’t been publicly humiliated and this puts them at a disadvantage when they fight against the Ethiopians who are hot in the head right now.

    Caesar: You have a point. The advice is well taken. Advise me on the smooth words I should use to oil King Oba’s mind.

    Royal scribe: Perhaps we should say: “ Roman law washes my hands of this matter King Oba. I can’t undo their marriage. I’m sorry your country feels the way you do. But if Mia wants to come back home she will have to do so under her own free will”.

    Caesar: You are a man with words. Let me sign it. Have it mailed at once. And find Mia and Spencer. I wish to speak with them face to face.

    Royal Scribe: Right away Caesar

    Spencer: You called for us Caesar?

    Caesar: Yes. I just received a message from King Oba. He wants me to send your wife Mia back to Ethiopia. I told him I wasn’t going to do it.

    Spencer: Thank you sir. I always knew I could count on you.

    Mia: I’m indebted to you as well. I thank you for allowing me to have the freedom to love whom I want to love.

    Caesar: Think nothing of it. Your Rome’s most favorite couple. And just think four years from now the Olympics will be in Babylon and Mia will be representing the Royal Republic of Rome. We shall be the envy of the world.

    Royal Scribe: But being the envy of the world has a price.

    Caesar: Oh yes and the price is war. Don’t forget scribe that we have more men than the Ethiopians and we defeated Hannibal too.

    SCENE IX Back in Ethiopia

    Royal Messenger: Message from Caesar.

    Prince Azibo: Give it here I shall take it to King Oba. We have a royal letter from Caesar King Oba.

    King Oba: Open it up and read it to me.

    Prince Azibo: I already opened it up and I already read it. Cesar refuses to release Mia.

    King Oba: Then its war. Prince Azibo have all the captains marshall up the troops. We are going to board our troops on five hundred ships and sail all the way down the Nile River into Egypt until we get to the Mediterranean Sea. Then we are going to turn Rome into the swamp it used to be.

    Captain: Yes my King. We shall win this time

    SCENE X Ethiopian troops on the banks of Italy

    Prince Azibo: Captain have your ships sound off the Canons and let the Romans be aware that we are here. Send off the fire rockets so that our ships shall be illuminated in the darkness of the night. Let the trumpets play so that the sound of Ethiopia can be heard a thousand miles away.

    Captain: Yes sir Prince Aziobo

    Prince Azibo: I want everybody to know I’ve come here today to claim my soon to be wife. My green-eyed monster.

    Captain: Yes sir.

    Moderator: All of the troops unloaded their equipment. Which included elephants, spears, Shields, swords, Pigs that were infected with leprosy, catapults, and horses. The men began to march upon the walls of Rome. Caesar and Spencer are looking on from one of the Towers.

    Spencer: My god Cesar come look at this sight.

    Caesar: It’s a sight to see. But don’t let your eyes blind you. It’s impossible for these men to penetrate these walls. These walls were built by the best Phoenicians Masons three hundred years ago.

    Spencer: This sight of these soldiers remind me of Homer’s Iliad 4:280 “Agamemnon left him well satisfied; and next he came upon the great Aias and his little namesake, who were arming themselves amid a cloud of footmen. Thick black clumps (mass) of sturdy younkers (Young men) moved towards the battle, bristling with spears and shields, like some heavy cloud blown over the deep by the west…blacker than pitch over the deep as the whirlwind drives”.

    Caesar: That’s too much praise for our enemies who deserve it not. Save your praise and prayers for Rome.

    Spencer: Lord Caesar I spotted Prince Azibo holding up a white flag.

    Caesar: Allow him to come near the gates to speak.

    Prince Azibo: Release my wife Mia and I shall spare you your life Caesar.

    Caesar: Prince Azibo you never married Mia. She’s not your wife. She was married under Roman law 4 months ago.

    Prince Azibo: She was supposed to marry me under Ethiopia laws and traditions until your villain Spencer violated our most scared pledges.

    Caesar: I understand this but love is something that can’t be enacted by laws. Love comes free and is without any condition.

    Prince Azibo: Are you becoming a philosopher now. You know **** well your keeping my Mia for economic gain and fortune of your country. Mia doesn’t know what love is she is too young. I say once again give her up or I shall be forced to turns these stonewalls into sand. And turn all of you into dust.

    Caesar: Enough talk. Lets get on with it. You Ethiopians think you’re so tough lets see you attempt to climb these walls. You try to climb these wall and I will fry you down with hot oil.

    Prince Azibo: We shall see.

    Moderator: Prince Azibo is back with his troops who have erected campsites in a five mile radius from the Roman’s walled city. Prince Azibo is discussing strategies with his troops.

    Prince Azibo: Well Captain what shall we do? We need a plan to seize Rome and take back my wife Mia.

    Captain: Well you know your great Grandfather Memon fought with General Hannibal at these same walls a hundred years ago. They had no success. They even tried tricking the Romans with a gift of our wooden Elephant but they remember this was played on them a thousand years ago by the vandals.

    Prince Azibo: You mean the Trojans?

    Captain: No they were vandals trying to get good trading territories and slaves. They were not after their honor like you are. Anyway we lost 10,000 troops in that wooden Elephant. And this is why Hannibal sworded himself. Now I brought on board a Phoenician Mason who is in possession of the blueprints of his ancestors who built these Roman walls 3 hundred years ago.

    Prince Azibo: So what do you plan on doing with these plans?

    Captain: Well I was thinking about digging a tunnel under the near wall while were attacking the front. I don’t want our men to scale the walls cause of their hot oils. But I while some of my troops are digging the other men shall distract the Roman’s attention by attempting to break down their gates. The gate breakers will be our only men being sacrificed. But someone must die in order that you and Mia can live together like you planed. While the men try to break down the gates I will have other throwing fire rockets and catapulting leprous pigs over the walls. This will distract their attention and save some of the solders at the gates lives.

    Prince Azibo: Why is it that you needed this Phoenician blue print.

    Captain: Because we plan on digging right up into the Royal palace in the guest rooms where Mia and Spencer are most likely to be sleeping.

    Prince Azibo: How many days will it take to dig to the spot of our desired location?

    Captain: It will take at least three days to finish the job.

    Moderator: The brave Ethiopian infantry shot at the Romans fortress nonstop for three days. Meanwhile, the tunnel being dug is now complete. Six soldiers have been assigned by the Prince and the Captain to kidnap Mia and bring her safely upon the Ethiopian ship. These six well-trusted soldiers find the couple sleeping in the royal guest bed. Four of the men seize Spencer holding his arms and covering up his mouth. The same was done to Mia. Mia was taken down the tunnel first which happened to pop up in the guest bathroom. The other four soldiers waited until Mia was halfway down the tunnel then they pulled out one of their large swords and cut off the head of Spencer. The four soldiers exited the guest room to catch up with Mia and the other two soldiers. They left Spencer body there but placed his head in a bag to be pickled later once they arrived on the ship. Once Prince Azibo heard that Mia was safely aboard his ship he orders his troops to slowly retreat and withdraw back to the ships. Twenty five percent of the Ethiopians army stayed on the banks of Italy until sunrise to act as a buffer just in case the Romans found out that Spencer was dead too early.

    The Romans didn’t discover that Mia was missing or that Spencer was beheaded until a slave with to serve them breakfast the following mourning. By that time Prince Azibo Ship was almost in Egypt ready to go down the Nile River into Ethiopia.

    SCENE XI On the Nile river almost home in Ethiopia

    Prince Azibo: You have disgrace the country of Ethiopia. The people of Ethiopia shall not forgive you for this.

    Mia: God shall not forgive you for taking me away from Spencer who I love with every bone in my body.

    Moderator: Prince Azibo removes Spencer head out of a jar filled with liquid designed to preserve the likeness his flesh when he was alive.

    Prince Azibo: Is this your Spencer you dearly love. You can love him no longer. You can’t love a head that’s separated from his body. For without the organs of the body no love can continue.

    Moderator: Mia drops down to her knees. Tears are running down her face like snow would melt in the month of April off of a mountain.

    Mia: How could you be so cruel?

    Prince Azibo: No the question should be how could you be so cruel to me. And not only me as an individual but for the sake of your country.

    Mia: Should it matter to anyone who I love? I’m of mixed ancestry I should be able to choose anybody and everybody.

    Prince Azibo: Our traditions forbid it. You shall learn when you get older.

    Mia: I don’t want to get older. If I could I would rather die today. Why don’t you chop off my head like you did my husband? Here is my neck. I stretch it out for you. Cut it off; Cut it off, right now.

    Prince Azibo: Captain lock her up in her room. Tie her hands to the bed so that no harm can be done to herself.

    Captain: Right at once Prince.

    SCENE XII Inside the Royal palace. A parade was just completed. Prince Azibo and his soldiers walking behind him just rode down the village streets in their Chariots. The citizens threw flowers at them. Mia is locked up in a cage that was pulled by horses up to the Royal palace. The head of Spencer was prominently placed on a pike for the entire crowd to see.

    King Oba: I’m very pleased at our victories Prince Azibo. The pride of Ethiopia has now been restored.

    Prince Azibo: I thank you a thousand time mighty King Oba.

    King Oba: As for you Mia. What did they do to you over there in Rome? Did they brainwash you or something. Have they turned your mind inside out?

    Mia: No I just want to love who I want to love. You or nobody else owns me.

    King Oba: Strip her naked and whip her. Give her one hundred lashes so her mind will get right.

    Moderator: As Mia is being whipped before a crowd of 75 onlookers she was forced after the beating to recite the oath of alliance to Ethiopia due to her becoming a citizen of Rome by marrying Spencer.


    I hereby declare, on oath,
    That I absolutely and entirely
    Renounce and abjure all allegiance
    And fidelity to any foreign prince,
    Potentate, state, or sovereignty of
    Whom or which I have heretofore
    Been a subject or citizen; that I will
    Support and defend the Constitution
    And laws of Ethiopia against all enemies, foreign and
    Domestic; that I will bear true faith and
    Allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms
    On behalf of Ethiopia when required
    By the law; that I will perform noncombatant
    Service in the Armed Forces of the Ethiopia
    When required by the law; that I will perform work
    Of national importance under civilian direction
    When required by the law; and that I take this
    Obligation freely without any mental reservation
    Or purpose of evasion; so help me God”

    King Oba: Very good. For the next four years you shall be under house arrest in the Royal palace. You will not be allowed to give speeches, or write in any public forum either. And the Olympic games to be held in Babylon, you can get this out of your mind because you’re not going.

    Mia: Oh please you can do anything you want to me but don’t stop me from competing in the Olympic games. It’s the only thing else I love besides the love you took away from me.

    King Oba: Silence. Guards lock her up in her room and make sure she gets absolutely nothing to next for the next three days.

    Moderator: Countries from around the globe were shocked at the mistreatment of Mia the Olympic star. All the mineral wealth countries of the world refused to trade with Ethiopia for ten years. At the tenth year of Ethiopia being isolated, a civil war broke out. A new administration took over control of the government. It was also at this time that normal trade and diplomatic relationships were restored back. Mia traveled around the world giving speeches about the rights of women. Ethiopia changed some of their laws and traditions and made men and women equal under the law.

    Mia finally got over her nightmare
    When her eyes couldn’t stop the stare
    Of a sprinting man named Mike
    A perfect match for they run alike

    The Final lap: Mia and Mike

    Mia’s river of pain ceased its frost
    Her broken heart finally came to an end
    Hope never cast away and became lost
    The fastest man in the world became her friend

    Michael’s veins of descent from Hercules’s cell
    Mia’s lineage of Atlanta’s that’s why she runs so well
    Greens eyes of Mia one morning caught his sight
    Of an Athletes run everyone swore was flight

    So the courtship commenced
    Mia got over her sweet love of Spence
    Mike proved his love with a green mark
    Evidence of his love from the first look or start

    Of a race he won in victory
    Was Mia the cause, well lets see

    Isis weaved Mia some magical shoes
    All who wore them could never loose
    By mistake Mike wore them in a 100 meter race
    And ran all other men in a distant disgrace

    Michael and Mia

    Who could think of a perfect match
    Did Cupid use a net for this catch
    In the temples of Hercules they wed
    Atlanta, the best woman for Mia,
    Tears of many she shed

    Their finally lap
    Was a walk down the Altar
    Silver and Gold rings they wrap
    These are the two worlds brightest stars

    Mom: Spencer, Spencer, wake up its time to go to school. You’re running late.

    Spencer: Mom I had a weird dream last night. I dreamed I fell in love and married a woman. But there was a wicked King who took her away from me.

    Mom: Your nightmare was probably due to all of those history lessons you were cramming into your little head last night.

    Spencer: I know it was just a dream but I still feel I lost something that was dear to me. I feel a little empty inside.

    Mom: Well we all feel a little empty from time to time. I remember I was in high school and your grandfather made me drop out of my Track team because I wasn’t getting a 3.5 grade point average. He told me I need to take more pride in education especially when it concerned the history of my genealogy.

    Moderator: Before Spencer left for school he told his mother everything he could recall from his dream. His mother felt like the dream was analogous to Elian, the kid from Cuba ordeal. History has strange ways of repeating and recasting itself in clumps of varieties of plots.

    Mom: I recall being in a history class Spence. We were talking about race and religion and the subject of Ethiopia and Israel came up. The teacher quoted from an ancient historian Josephus who alluded to 1 Kings 10:1. “There was then a woman, queen of Egypt and Ethiopia, she was inquisitive into philosophy…Solomon also repaid her with many good things, and principally by bestowing upon her what she chose of her own inclination, for there was nothing that she desired which he denied her” The Antiquities of the Jews book 8 chapter 6. Now I don’t know if you think so but I don’t believe Queen Sheba just desired Solomon’s wisdom.

    Spencer: Doesn’t the Ethiopians claim that King Menelik I was the son of Queen Sheba and King Solomon ?

    Mom: That’s correct. But the current scholarship refuses to accept the Ethiopian oral traditions and Josephus reports.

    Spencer: But why is that mother?

    Mom: Perhaps some political expendency. I do not know what all the fuss is about Solomon loved all types of women. “Solomon loved many strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh…” 1 Kings 11:1. This was wishful thinking on Solomon part.Egypt wouldn’t of allowed this. Their marital unions were understood to be important for economic and political purposes. Moses when he was a general in the Egyptian army drove the Ethiopians to their capital in Sheba/Meroe. King Zerah agreed to allow his daughter to marry Moses as a term and condition of surrender.

    Spencer: Do you think King Menelik had green eyes?

    Mom: Could be. Could be. I don’t know.

    Spencer: So there was a lot of race mixing going on back then ?

    Mom: Yes. And racism. But King Solomon tried to eradicate this by marrying foreign. He also married foreign women to build up his political alliances. Through Solomon’s poetry he dealt with a Black women.

    Spencer. Oh yeah. What did they talk about.

    Mom: I believe Solomon was talking about racism. But other scholars such as Matthew Henry’s commentary has Solomon speaking literally while he was talking allegorical. Henry goes on to say: “I am black by reason of my sufferings: The sun has looked upon me. She was fair and comely; whiteness was her proper colour; but she got this blackness by the burden and heat of the day, which she was forced to bear”. I didn’t read with the same interpretation as Mr. Henry. Lets go back to Song of Solomon 1:5-6

    “I am black, but comely. O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar , as the curtains of Solomon.

    Look not upon me, because I am Black, because the sun hath looked upon me: My mothers children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept…

    Feed thy kids beside the shepherds tents.

    I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses in Pharaoh’s chariots”

    If the words of Egyptians chariots and the word Kedar and tents weren’t being used in the women’s vocabulary I would of thought they were talking about a white girl who happened to get a tan. Why would a Jewish girl compare her love to a company of horses in Pharaoh’s chariots? The Jews still didn’t like the Egyptians due to explusion from their country. If you go back to Josephus you will discover that Abraham had a son by a Egyptian women. Abraham afterwards changed his name by adding the three words of Ham to show an alliance with the Egyptians which was later broken because they kicked Moses and his followers out of Egypt. Josephus goes on to say : “When the lad was grown up, he (Ishmael) married a wife, by birth an Egyptian, from whence the mother was herself derived originally. Of this wife were born to Ishmael twelve sons; Nabaioth , Kedar, Abdeel , Mabsam… They are an Arabian nation” –The Antiquities of the Jews book 1 Chapter 12. Due to racism of Western culture The Songs of Solomon were given the worst possible interpretations possible. The woman in the Songs of Solomon,( if read in total context), was black and Arabian. Ezekiel 27: 21 further proves it. “Arabia, and all the princes of Kedar”. I believe prohphet Muhammad claims decent from Kedar. The Arabs also use tents as homes. Also Muhammad treated the kingdom of Ethiopia with great respect due to the Sabeans/Ethiopia saving his life when he fled to Yemen. In Chapter 27: 44 of the Koran Queen Sheba is said to have met Solomon.

    “ She [Queen Sheba] was asked to enter
    The lofty Palace: But
    When she saw it, she
    Thought it was a lake
    Of water, and she (tucked up
    Her skirts), uncovering her legs.
    He [Solomon] said: this is
    But a palace paved
    Smooth with slabs of glass.
    She said: “O my lord
    I have indeed wronged
    My soul: I do (now)
    Submit with Solomon –Koran

    Spencer: Who were the Sabeans ?

    Mom: They were like the Egyptians who symbolicly worshiped the sun and reframed from eating beans. See p.11 of George Sale Preliminary discourse.

    Spencer: This is yet another bean connection. Through my earlier studies of history I was able to connect the Egyptian religion and customs with Pythagoras who studied in Egypt. He taught various ritual rites (most famously ‘do not eat beans’. He would later have a profound influence on Plato.

    Mom: Well, Well, Well. Very good Spence. I myself was unaware of this.

    Spencer: Archeologist have also found the oldest known human ancestors. The Egyptians when they performed circumcision by law they had to use Ethiopian flint knives. The Jews copied the practice of circumcision from the Egyptians.

    Mom: It appears that your beginning to form a firm grasp of history.

    Spencer: I have a book that’s been collecting dust on my bookshelf for many years. I think I’m going to start reading it.

    Mom: What’s the name of it.

    Spencer: “Song of Solomon” By Toni Morrison


    Note: I found it an amazing coincidence that Secretary of State Colin Powell wrote the Chinesse and told them he was “very sorry” for coming into the air space without their permission. Powell said he was very sorry as a means to free the POW’s; whereas in my play I have Roman officials saying they were “very sorry” inorder to keep mia in Rome from Ethiopia. A mere coincidence? No Read “Austin Powers” poem for further details

    Austin Powers
    By Andre Austin Ó

    I’m the Black Austin Powers
    Nine ladies I dine in baths with flowers
    Have you ever read my Olympiads
    Its written in the spirit of the Iliad

    But my mother said I was “Turd the Word”
    I guess I have to clean out the colonstomy so **** don’t stay
    So I can live on to ghost write him another play
    Copycats can be filled with very much sorrow
    Its just a grain of salt and very much hollow

    They also calling me French
    But I never went to France
    UK’s 007 music I could offer a dance
    Tools for staying under cover throwing a monkey wrench
    Putting all the other political players on the bench

    Whats shaking baby cakes ?
    Lets rocket up together in space
    And fly into the planet of the Grapes
    Can you handle the depth of an Osiris date ?

    I met a girl name Nina
    She lived across seas in China
    She broadcast live from a studio
    Playing music and news on the radio

    Within hours after message received
    They took the bate and was deceived
    Wink, wink to the dinky, dinks

    After the aircraft broke its volplane and began to wane
    Within hours the troops in another airplane
    After they read a letter against the insane
    No fighting of Dragons and Eagles over GI Joe and Jane
    Hail, hail and thank God for the email

    But because I’m Black and Democratic
    No praise given only funky static
    I’m not an Emissary or even a Duke
    No offers being given of even a netsuke
    But now I got a flute and you can’t keep it mute
    The official version I will refute
    On white papers I could ****
    For messing with my rings, Maxing Brit

    How’s life living without any credit ?
    Nothing but empty debit, debit, debit

    And that wasn’t an imitation of a frog
    I just want my journal in its proper log
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