Black Poetry : Love Taken Away By The Storm

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    The waters started to rise like fire
    The color of my ’95 Ford Aspire
    No. Wait.
    The storm is coming
    Duck and keep on running
    Please don’t look back
    Keep persiting on running
    Just take my hand and follow me
    The storm is trying to come between us
    A big effect
    That you are not seeing it yet
    Did lightning strike?
    You bet
    Just don’t look back
    Keep running, running, running
    A tree branch has fallen
    And a fire as exposed the second edition
    Of Hell
    What ever you do
    I reassured you
    Not to look back dear
    Just continue to follow me and run
    But as we were almost out of the storm
    You became cold-hearted and hateful
    Decided to let my hand go
    Without hearing me weep
    Now you are under a tornadic cloud
    When you lost me at the same time
    Heartbeats starts to become irregular
    Blood pressure starts to rise
    It was a quarter of after nine
    The night skies started to come
    You have forgotten about our friendship
    As the wind started to pick you up
    You started to wonder
    ’What happened to the sunshine being dominant
    Over a cloudy day like this?’
    I am on land wondering,
    ’Where is my friend as well as the love of my life?’
    I started to think highly of
    What kinds of things we can do keep us
    All I tried to say baby was
    Keep on running and hold my hand
    But your heart told you different
    The fear came into mines
    That the weather would never be the same again.