Chief Elder Osiris : Love Protect And Does Not Evilly Exploit

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    Love Protect And Does Not Evilly Exploit

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Here is a word that is the most abused and misused word in the world today and it is made claim to without the claimer even being able to really define accurately its motivational sensational cause and origin of expression of such a word, and a word such as Love, which is the Goddess of all words used to communicate your wants, desires, needs and expressed intention, is the most evilly exploited word used by Beings claiming to be intelligently civilized in an evil, lying, and deceiving world today.

    Love is also the most strongest, bold, brave, and determining word that imply an expression that is sincerely Divine, so Love is not founded in the company of evil exploiters, because evil exploiters are the Most deceiving hypocrites in the world and an evil exploiter can not and must not be trusted, the evil exploiters are the virus that attack the Divine Spirit of Love.

    Love is Divine and there is no degrees of Love, you either Love or you do not and most people confuse Love with fascination, amuse, and Like, all because you know not the Divine meaning and cause of Love.

    Love is way and Far more than some religious jargon that define Love as being God and God as Love when in fact you know not the meaning and purpose of neither, so when making claim to Love you must come to know the cause of Love and to know the cause of Love will qualify you to be able to define Love.

    So the question become, What Is Love?

    Well, Love is an Emotional expression that is generated by the Sensual and Mental assimilation caused by the two acts that intercourse together that generate a euphoric internal and mental orgasmic action of expressed experience, caused by the mental sensation of the sense and Mind interaction, the two being Divinely coherence in being one, in such a Divine Magnificence Spiritual Expressed interaction and when the Sense and Mind is Divinely interlocked to each other toward something or somebody the result is the Divine Expressed experience we call Love.

    So yes, Love is Divine and Divinity is an action that is an expression of an action that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance in all that is in Divine Action and Love is a Divine action of expression caused by the Sense and Mind Divine interaction because you see, Love is Mental, expressed physically.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So, anybody who make claim to Love you and is not willing to protect you is a liar and deceiver of you, because Love protect and does not evilly exploit, which bring me to the foundation of this Missive .

    Tell me beloved, who are the most visible evil exploiters of Black People today that is among Black people claiming their Love for Black people, well they are they who go masquerading around you claiming to be your leaders, they who claim to Love you oh so much but their action condemn them because of the present condition of Black people in the world of Afrika, the only True and Divine World of Black People, yet we know that not.

    There is no Love for Black People that flow from the tongue of a believer in religion, Hell, the greatest evil exploiters of Black people are the peddlers of Religion, they claiming to be the preacher, priests, Ministers and teachers of a religious God that evilly exploit Black People, because Religion is the greatest evil exploiters of Black People, Religion being the creation of Lucifer themselves, they being the powerful forces of the Human Being Clan.

    Beloved, when you are of Love for somebody you have the Mind to protect that which you Love and you see, you Divinely Love with your Mind and it is your Mind that is your "Heart" and when the Sense of your Body go into an act of intercourse with your Mind and the two are Divinely active, there is in no way will the Lover be allowed to See the agony of the one you Love without going into action to protect that which you Love, anything less, make you to be an evil exploiter of the agony you lie about loving.

    Beloved, there is a vast difference in Love and Like, Love is internal and Mental and Like is external and sensual, it is based upon amusement while Love is based upon commitment, the two is mutual exclusive, you see, a Fool can Like, but it take wisdom to Love and to be a Fool is not to be Wise, beloved

    Can You Understand That,Beloved?

    So I close with this question to you beloved, Where Are The Protectors Of The House Of The Divine Beings, While The Evil Exploiters Of The House Of The Divine Beings Are All Around And In And Out Of The House Of The Divine Being, Evilly Exploiting Whomever They Can To The Ways Of The Evil Exploiting Creators Of Religion, The Weapon Used That Caused The Fall Of The House Of The Divine Beings?

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    Thank you Brother

    I LOVE like that.:cool:
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    to seek truth
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    hey Cheif Elder