Black Poetry : Love Promise For Real

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    My love promise to you
    You don’t know, you can’t see it
    in everything I do,
    In each and every bipolar move
    Like stomping my feet while holding you
    I promise to be defensive and combative
    More often than you like because
    While I know you're not him
    I've been conditioned to believe that
    Can't nobody possibly like me for me
    See, it wasn’t never about you
    It what I perceive
    I wanna give you the moon, but
    Later I'm only gonna remind you
    I gave you that $hit when you didn’t deserve $hit
    Or remind you where you lay your head
    When I think you’re not appreciating
    The fact that I really *****
    About doing anything that doesn’t remotely
    Benefit us and when I say us
    You know I mean mainly me, right?
    I promise i'm gonna continue to check your
    Phone and when I see you’ve returned
    No texts I'm gonna decide that you deleted
    Responses to hide your indiscretion
    I promise to continue to repair and replace every brick you
    Attempt to remove from the wall surrounding
    My heart with my own insecurities and doubts
    About where you really are when you
    Call me from your mommas house
    Or tell me that you ran out of gas
    When I left the tank on Empty
    Shallow existence of my master plan to fall in love
    It doesn’t matter if it’s you or some other poetic thug
    As long as he can string together soft lies
    In the middle of the night whispering sorrys
    Into the corner of my mind
    Cuz I got him believing the tears I cry
    Are over the drama he thinks he caused
    Because he thinks I really opened my soul
    Treating me like I deserve and
    Lying it could be me when
    I know the truth, there are at least three.
    See you keep making these love promises to me
    But I know more than I let on
    Cause it’s a convenience and nothing more
    See no speak no hear no.
    My promise –
    to love you the same way you’ve been loving me.