Black Poetry : Love Or Lust(Whose Perspective?)


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May 25, 2001
Sixburgh, Pa.
Spreading Joy.... need some?
He was fyne with a nice physique,
muscle right down to his feet.
Her frame was picture perfect,
she was thick in all the right places.

"The way she freak'd me, Dayum!"
She sex'd me errrryday
I didn't even have to say,
she just laid it on me that way."

One night when they were
gett~n it on, he whipp'd
out all his skillz, had her
scream~n out his name.
Then she whisper'd,

"I love you. I love the way
you make love to me."

He jump'd out of bed and said,

"Hold up, babygurl!
We just kick~n it heah, git that
love **** out yo head."

"Heah I'm think~n you
lov~n me.

"Naw! Baby, I'm just
lust~n you.

MadLove:heart: Coco
see bro man

should have let the facts be known then homegirl would've been mislead you know cause what is it for one person might not be for another

sounded like homeboy said all the right things just to get some

and she probably was a nice girl too. now the next brotha gonna hafta go thru the obstacle course to her heart




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