Black Poetry : ~**LOVE ME**~


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Jan 27, 2007
Atlanta and Philly
i work at Elmwood Park Zoo and Chuck E Cheese and
:luvu:Love me.. with your entire being
so much that you cant look
without seeing my face in your mind

hold me.. like i was your last
like there is no past
and we dont have to go fast
love me thats all i ask

want me.. like a fire is burning
and you cant stop the yearning
you feel for my touch

need air to breath and
eyes to see what lies within me

need a child a mother
and a lover another
to share their life with

hear me when i need to be heard
when i dont even use words
and yet you understand

be near me.. when thats all i need
off of your presence i feed
and i fear no person or thing

love me..with a passion and strength
that'll surpass any length
equal to forever

love me without inhibitions go
with your intuition and
make it a life mission

love me.. as if there was nothing else
love me love me love me
as you do life itself.


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