Black Poetry : Love Me Thoroughly


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Mar 21, 2001
African Dance Instructor/Cultural Educator
Now that you've shown me a true man of God I...can't focus on anything else.
Yes, I know that in order to love someone else you must first have a love of "self" and
Forgive "self" for mistakes of the past. Just as you have done for me...
So now I'm...

Makin' moves towards a
swifter groove
Love of YOU FIRST I...
don't want to lose

but Lord, I'm tired and lonely

dealin' w/this
dealin' w/that...can't
find a man to...
love me thoroughly?
This is wack!!

Soon be knockin' on
30's door...
eyes bloodshot from
cryin' in fetal
ALONE on the floor

Lord, Please help me. I'm...
tired and lonely

Crying to you for inner strength
and patience...hoping you hear my cry I...
sometimes feel like...I want to die!! waitin'
for this man who...IS... so fly!

WHY? WHy? why?
is my patience wearin' thin
as I wait...anticipate the arrival
of the man who'll, sing me a...
Sweet love song and
heels and a thong?

Is it a fallacy that
a man can...
Love me thoroughly?

Kiss it/lick it/hit it...he's out
this Aint what bein' a man is...
all about
Lord you know the desires of
my heart
Knew I'd desire him
from the start

Sexy/intelligent w/spirit and class
Wondering if God sent him as

Lord Jesus...I'm tired and desperately lonely

Preparing to meet my Knight...
Knight in Shining Armor who WILL...

"Love Me Thoroughly"

©2000 EssenceofAminata

YO time has come
forth the love of he
whom be in the name of
the father
yo cries r heard within
the whisper of silent prayer
now i stand before u and wink!
i watch from across the land of nubia
i see ya in motion
looking yearning like a burning bush
so here i offer u this .
my heart in whole
my love in respect
my soul in one
to caress and comfort u to smiles
Very nice Queen

stay patient as the sea, awaiting the rivers
as the sun when it is down, knowing that it's dawn is yet to set...
however, continue to "delight yourself in God, and He will give you the desires of your heart" as it's written..
time and order belongs to God..
just know that everything is in His hands, but seek his face rather...
the time is surely coming

in his serene garden...

bow with me


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