Black Poetry : Love Like...

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    Love Like...

    In life there will be a time where you meet that one person and that one person will be absolutely perfect for you. And you won’t be ready for them until you learn to love that part of you. That part of you that make you special. That makes you different. That makes you able to love fully with absolutely no shame or regret. Wholeheartedly. Throwing yourself into it 100% of the time. And it will be the most magical, insanely romantic time of your life.

    So love with who you do silly, sometimes even stupid, unexpected things
    Love with who you never care about people’s stares
    Love where all you can see is each other and that’s all that matters
    So I love like it’s not going to last forever, and I don’t mind it at all
    I’ll love like the flowers love the wind with a love that feels unstoppable
    A love like holding hands and public displays of affection
    And I’ll love like Christmas lights warped around the tree, shinning and holding you gently
    For this love will definitely be better than my last love, with a love like never before
    A love that no one understands
    This love where when spooning, I’ll let you be the little spoon
    And I’ll love you like grass loves the mud, like the sky loves the clouds, and a crosswalks and its pedestrians
    For I will be that deep intellectual conversation when average minds are such a disappointment
    As your love becomes the sound track for my life
    And sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person, it’s just the way they can take you to a place that no one else can.

    To put it Plain… I’d date you so hard. Then marry the **** out of you, and raise the **** outta your kids and give you all the motherfucking love and support. I WILL EAT THE **** OUT OF YOUR HOMEMADE COOKIES. BUY A ****** MINIVAN TO PILE ALL OUT BEAUTIFUL *** CHILDREN IN AND DRIVER THE **** OUT OF IT. HOLDING EACH OTHER HANDS SO HARD THAT WE’LL **** OURSELVES. WE’LL GROW SO **** OLD TOGETHER, WE’LL LOOK LIKE RAISINS.

    I never thought I’d find a love like this. There’s no need to hide that feeling we get. Whenever we touch we can’t resist and we go back to our first day of our first kiss. You have no idea how much my life will changed since I meet you. The truth is with all this love to give, I’m lonely as hell.