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    The finish of her skin, is beautiful pastels and umbrellas of brown;

    Her eyes lids are butterflies, in my mind tends, to recline when, I see them;

    Deserving choice of words are desserts to the nerves of her sweet lips;

    Studied her shoulders; when she poses Her legs strong and thick like

    Stemmed Roses grown in southern parts of the Africa’s clear oceans;

    Her smile arrives during conversation over cuisine, piano keys, and violin strings;

    The Jazz vocals gets her left lanes open;

    So I veer over to avoid dead end closures;

    Never minded wine stained garments;

    Punch, drunk love while the mind remains sober;

    Lost in her hair as my words became mobile;

    Sudden absence of breath;

    And then her heart beat manifests;

    On a cushioned kiss to her chest;

    Delighted thoughts digest the rest of her anatomy;

    After the jazz band’s melody these thoughts became true;

    Her body wants the world, so we travel to the moon;

    Emotionally walking on the stars, her heels disappear in the fumes;

    We consume one another as the night resumes;

    On top of me as if we occupied a close room;

    Sunrise upon our eyes I thank God;

    For her, and myself too.”