Black Poetry : Love is


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Mar 21, 2001
Love is non negotiable,
definitely incredible
and always unbelievable.

Love is.

It could be the best thing,
or the worst thing;
the right thing
or the wrong thing;
the first thing
or the last thing.

Love is.

It could bring joy,
it could bring pain;
but it must never be contained,
or just reside within your brain.

For Love is.

It must be felt it,
it must be touched,
make you heady,
make you blush;
make you want it oooh so much!

It is the quiet of the night,
dripping sheets and muscles tight,
rhythmic moves and whispered vows
that live in minds of here and now.

It's walks in parks long after dark,
it's joy filled days and smiles that stay
it's vulnerable,
it's venerable;
to everyone accessible,
and always, always, possible!
Yes! Love is indescribable!!
Love is . . .

. . . a pain the ***, the itch that can't be scratched and the sweet pain that we actively seek--I think you captured it all right here--well done--Amun-Ra

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