Chief Elder Osiris : Love Is The Code For The Mind

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    Love Is The code Word for The Mind

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black might Hear You.

    It is a period of Time for all who so desire to know, will know, because there is a saying that we now have entered the Dimension, Age, A dispensation of Time For Enlightenment.

    yet I take it to mean that our solar system has shifted into such an alignment with the Sirius Star system which is of the constellation Orion which have in its possession a cellular supreme solar Energy projection that send its placenta to be in connection with this solar system where we now reside, and there is such a increase magnetic resonance that is affecting all life that is within the Orion cellular activity.

    All that is a part of the Universe consisting of physical matter bodies and nonphysical bodies, possess a energy awareness we refer to as conscious, and wherever there is conscious activity there is a sense of awareness and awareness reveal the presence of a mind activity in motion.

    Yet, here we Black folks are, disrespecting the very center of your life body action, which is the mind, when using such abstract word as love in order to prevent the action of referencing the mind, when in expression of various sentiments of Divine submission, labeling such mental action as love.

    Religion has crucified the Mind of Black folks, so much so until we now refuse to respect and honor the one aspect of your Body life that keep the body centered, in the Time motion action of life.

    The term Love is a Religious term, it deceive you into believing that such an emotional expression is caused by an affiliation aspect of the Body Life, deemed to be love, yet it is not definable to be associated with the body attributes , nor is a part of any movement of the body life.

    You lie when you make such ignorant statement claiming that God is Love, when in Divine Reality the Divine Essence, God, is all Mind, without it there can be no expression of respect for such infinite force of powerful intelligence.

    The Divine essence is the forever everlasting infinite actionable entity of order, it has no affiliation with your mortal emotion, which Lucifer has tricked you into false expression of the Body life, when being compassionate and humbly caring, such being an empty sentiment call love.

    Love has no Divine guidance, you can make claim to love me in one instant, and hate me in another, it is liken to a renegade without respect for Harmony, Order, and balance, there to sooth the Life of your action whle living.

    Just as your use of the heart is make believe, so is your use of love, each rooted in the connection with religion, the institution of lies and deception, an enemy to the Divine Essence, whose Divine Reality dwell within the mind, and not the Heart, and those Emotions of expression of divine acceptance, has nothing to do with love, but with your state of mind.


    Lucifer and his religion has lessen your ability to know and understand the various aspect of your Body life, and what it mean in term of knowing being of importance to your life, having you to know what cause you to be in life, who you are, which is not love and heart, but your mind.

    The mind is the instrument of reason or believing, intelligence or ignorance, all principles of life function having to do with that method of life Body use, which we refer to as the Mind.

    Beloved, do I not share with you over your objection, that we are what we Think, and you can not be expressive without the combination of the Sense to Mind interaction, in some form or way of having awareness in life.

    You without the knowledge of the importance of your Mind, you can not be serious in life, and that is why you Black people can appear so pleasant while out of order in your time of need and pain.

    You are so easily distracted away from your Body life needs, while you eagerly concentrate on what you want, all because you have been made to be ignorant about what have you to function in life, not your heart, it aid in keeping you alive, and not love, it keep you under arrest in your vanity, claiming to be loving, when you have not the knowledge of the purpose of the function of the mind.

    It is the Mind that send out expression in the form of action, revealing your attitude and behavior.

    Such be the expression of your spirit toward each other, be it Divinely kind and full of passion of desire, or not.

    Such a mind in relationship with your senses, is what reveal your state of emotional expression, all being generated by your Mind and not your heart , which has nothing to do with love, but with how you see and think of others, that is what cause you to have such intense emotions, which you express as feelings, all being generated by the Mind activity.

    You Black people have no sense of mind Conscious(awareness) about what your life is all about, meaning that you by your inaction, know nothing about the the duality of life Being, inside and outside.

    It is such ignorance that we reveal about ourselves that cause our Body life to become acceptable to all things not kind to your life, out to do harm to your body life, all because you no longer know how to trust the Mind of our body Make up, on this physical Dimension, full of limitations.

    You Black people trust Lucifer so much until you wrap your life around all of the lies he has taught to you about yourself, having you making false expression about yourself, which prevent you from knowing yourself, seeking that which is not designed for your life to have, as you are going through life never living in the way your life deserve to be lived, all because you disrespect the Mental component of life Body function, without you ever getting to know thyself.

    In my book, Divine Spirituality, I deal with many aspect of the Physical as well as the Spiritual, and it is not what you believe it is.

    So you remain in your state of believing lies, while being deceived by Lucifer, concerning the meaning of life both physical and Spiritual.

    We are living in the last of a cycle of Universal revolution, before the start of another universal revolving cycle, and this dispensation of Time, is with opportunity for the Black world to return back to its original state of being , and yet you know not the procedure to take, in order to reclaim your original position in the world today,

    Our Ancient ancestors shared with us, informing us that it is Magic and Philosophy that enhance your awareness about the Divine essence, the universe, and about your divine self, informing you that it is the mind that take you on such external and internal journey, causing you to be Divinely aware of what complete the wholeness of yourself.

    Love is an illusion, introduced to you by Lucifer religion, but it is a Divine Mind that introduce you to that which is Divinely Real, to your Body Life.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]