Chief Elder Osiris : Love Is Not Universal, Divinity Is Universally Infinite !!!

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    Love Is Not Universal, Divinity Is Universally Infinite !!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Love Is Not Universal, It Is finitely Physically Spiritually ( attitudinal behavioral ) Expressed, having nothing to do with GOD and Universe, other than it is an expression coming from you, to those two rentities .

    Love Is The Most Overly Achieved, inaccurately Defined Term, used To Inaccurately State Our Obligation To God and the Universe, when in fact, nothing is obligated to God, nor God to you.

    Divinity Is The Most Abandon Act That Demonstrate our Obligation to self, which prompt you To Respect the perceived concept of what is referred to as God, Universe, and Life, not by Love, but by our own choosing, be it of our independent choice or by others influence.

    Love Is Finitely Physical, verbally expressed.

    Divinity is Infinitely Universal, Spiritually expressed

    Love physically verbalize a relationship to God.

    Divinity Spiritually Express A Connection With The Divine Essence. ( GOD )

    Beloved, the subject statement alone, prove I do not act in anticipation or with intent to win your favor, because to me, your Mind is more important than your accolades.

    Now, with that said, let me share with you why I am sharing what I Am with you, about the term Love, which is no more than a religious self sensual expression, based upon condition, and those that tell you that they Love you without condition, even when the love is claimed to be platonic, then I suggest that you require condition for your Love to them, because the unconditional Lover is either a skilled Liar and deceiver, or just do not know what Love is, or where the term come from, certainly not from God nor the Universe.

    Love And Affection Has Nothing to do with one to the The Other, Love is a sensual mental attraction and, experienced by what we term as feelings, Affection is a Mental reflection by our Spiritual ( attitudinal Behavioral ) experience.

    Religion is the basis for you claiming Love for everybody and religious belief has conditioned you to believe that a religious created entity ( GOD ) is the embodiment of Love, when in fact it is Divinely reflective, and does not require that you Love, not alone, Everybody, before your life can enter the Religious Kingdom, in a Heavenly place in the Universe Space, knowing full well that it will never happen, so you are given an unnecessary task, and that is to Love ( Feeling Good and Trusting ) Everybody, and to identify the Religious God as Love, a sentiment that is of a sensual nature that can or can not be necessarily expressed Divinely.

    Love is a self Expression of affectionate Emotion and it benefit only the Self that is doing the Loving, because you can claim love why being brutal toward those you claim to love and only when the expression of Love is being reciprocal, is when you are qualified to reap the benefit from such a sensual Emotional expression, which has nothing to do with the Divine Essence ( God ), because Love is generated by the Sense Mind interaction and the term Love imply purely physical / verbal expressed sensual mental action, and not a Metaphysical verbal expression , Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    All Time, what give away the person claiming to be so self denying when claiming that it is Love that is required from God of you, is that you preface your claim of Loving everybody based on a reference of a religious doctrinal requirement, it serving as evidence that your claim of Love is flawed, because it is based on a set of required conditions, causing it to be sensual selfishly motivated, which is nothing wrong with that, as long as you keep it to be sensual Mentally Divinely expressed, because you can be Loving and yet not Divine, in your action.

    So, to imply that God is the author of the Emotion of Love, is to imply that God does Love and to imply that God does Love, is to make claim that God is of life with emotions expressed and " HE " is with Physical Sensual Wants, which serve as proof that you do not know what GOD IS, The Divine Essence I am indicating to you, beloved.

    It is self defeating to allow yourself to be dictated to, by someone else definition of God and to allow their Doctrine about God and Life to be your Life Guide, and everything that you do in Life, having it to be based upon a sensual expression of gratifying physical sensual expressed Emotions, an expression of the Sensual Mind action that give you a sensual mental physical self elated gratifying Euphoria physical experience, because Love is about an expressed sensual Mental Physical indication that we refer to as Feeling, meaning that Love is sensual Physically experienced, be it love expressed Divinely or Evily, which mean that the term love is no more than a physical sense-mind attitudinal behavioral expression.

    Well beloved, The Divine Essence, ( GOD ) is not Physical,nor does IT generate a Physical Emotional Response, because THE Divine Essence ( GOD ) is All Mental and you get to know GOD not on the Physical Sensual Level, the level where so call Love is expressed, but on the Metaphysical Esoteric Dimensional Level, the Level of Divinity, and Divinity exceed the Love Level and is all about Divine Spiritual Expression, which is an active level that function not by physical sensual Emotion, but on a Mental Spiritual Level of expressing a life action that is in Harmony, Order, And Balance with the action of the Universe, that is what cause Divinity to be of a Universal Nature of Truth And Reality, you can not fake Divinity, but most certainly you can fake Love, because it is only an expression of Sensual mental physical Emotion.

    Black Folks are well trained to believe that what others have taught about an expressed emotion call Love, we through our learning, even opt to not Fight and Demand our Freedom because of the Religious indoctrination about Love, which we are a victim of, and what love prevent you from doing, as if we really believe that Love will save our Soul, is from hating evil and fighting against all vestiges of Evil and that religious Spirituality is what now cause Afrika to be in its present condition and the so call Black Afrikan rooted in the religion of Love, proving that such an action become our self affliction, when we do not know what the Soul is, because if we had any knowledge of the Soul, then we would know that the Soul is not in need of Saving, but our Life Mind is in such a Need and such Dibine Knowledge reveal to you What God Is..

    Love come from a combination of Sense-Mind interaction, but Divinity is a reflection of the Mind- Thought action, requiring such Reasoning of Thought that must be in Harmony, Order, and Balance, in order to reach a Divine Logical Conclusion about that which is being thoughtfully reasoned about, all Divine action is taking place on the Mental Esoteric Ethereal Intuitive Dimension , causing a Metaphysical experience that is of a Universal Nature and to be reflected on the Mental Spiritual Physical level of our Life Living..

    In Order For Us To Save Our Life, We Must Abandon The False Construct defining What Love Is, And What It Require Us Not To Do, Which Is to not Hate Evil, And The Opposite Of Evil, Is Love, Meaning We Black Folks, in order To Please God, We Must Love Evil, the Spirit That Caused The Destruction Of Afrikan Civilization !!!.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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    Hotep Beloved Chief Elder Osiris:

    Love is the most un-defined, mis-defined expression indeed....

    Or the lack of said. I would say that in order to even grasp such a thing it would require the self to understand the self in the first place.

    I would say that the opposite of hate is love, and the opposite of evil is good.....

    all exsisting through various personifications or incarnations

    It is evident by looking around that hate exists through what we witness daily going on all over the world, and although we don't see love, it has to exsist or the opposite of that can not....

    In their attempt to kill the ulitimate divinity Love being the Universal Law is just an attempt at continuation or return to what they love, that being worldly, accepting their choice to encompass the trinity of evil

    As even the womb-gender has been misinformed and does indeed need to crawl before walking, the doubts of her own capacity is realized (doubt no longer residing)..... to know the journey has been made successfully without the knowledge of how though causes the frustration, a need to understand or perhaps overstand, compounded with a desire to do, because action is required to do what is universally right, and a return to such a place is only for one reason, spiritual retreat is in order....

    funny because a sensation came to write a letter to my mother, and then a sensation came that i should not bother she with such things, and that the answer i seek won't come from all the questions that i ask only from rememberence of what i know....

    Do I understand, Beloved.....

    Sincerely, I wish and need to as there is no greater power then what is locked inside.

    Here is always lovingly thinking of you, Osiris.