Black Poetry : Love Is Never Painless...

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    Like a thief in the night you came to steal my joy.
    Hiding behind that charming mask, one could describe you as being coy.
    I told myself, "Girl, go with the flow. If he wants more, he'll let you know".
    Let me know? Ha, yes you did. You showed up bright as a light, then turned around hid.
    Hidden in plain site. Like a fool I let you play this game.
    You took my breath with stimulation etched all through the conversation.
    You touched areas of my mind I'd long forgotten existed.
    Peered in my soul, saw things only few could see.
    Laughed, confided, and even expressed your admiration for me.
    Over time, within the depths of my belly, something began to well.
    What this was? I needn't know, nor cared to explore.
    I just knew that my patience would pay off one day. Just wait..a little more.
    How dare you act as if you'd no care in the world.
    Silence between us days on end, only to "pop" back up with, "What's going on friend?"
    Friend! Oh, I've got your friend! A silly notion I'd only think inside...
    Swallow it on up, soothe his ego, and let me just swallow this pride.
    I'd reply real cool like, even know, just a little ebb and flow, trying to front.
    "Things are cool, I can't even complain", knowing all along he was on the brain.
    Time between visits grew rather deep. Making excuses he really could keep.
    I'd convinced myself things would soon resume. One day he'd call and be by soon.
    Why must I want who doesn't give? Give time...communication..or consideration?
    I was fine, doing my own thing until you came along.
    Pulled me out of my sea, left me in the sand where I don't belong.
    With time, all things heal and this I know.
    I've since found my way, roamed back to a place where things just...flow.
    Let you go and did what I should have done..was blinded by things I chose to see.
    Of course me doing this just made you flip the script.
    Making me the dramatic one, as though I created this fallacy of a fantasy.
    Never no mind what you left me with, thinking it was some grandeur gift.
    My brother, my brother, please move around. I can sniff your lies, just like a hound.
    That same sweet girl, she no longer exists.
    I want you gone, I want you out..out of my chest which I wish I could rip!
    Open this wound and let this pain free.
    I took in the love, and now I set the pain free.
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    I wholeheartedly concur love is never painless...Yet I'd take the pain of love over the pains of loneliness any day.