Black Spirituality Religion : "Love Is In His Blood!"

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    In Tha Bottom! Deeeep South
    Believe it, Love is in his blood! Unfortunately, I do not speak of men at all. I speak of the one whose blood dripped like water and ran down his body in dark murky red rivers until his head hung like the sunset on the horizon as he was pierced naked to the cross. I speak of one, who died for all of us that we might have eternal and everlasting life. The man I speak of is Jesus. A man who gave birth to love through his death simply because he so loved this world. Yet, in these trying times where divorce runs as rampant and as deadly to relationships as small pox did in the past it is hard to imagine that a love so deep, a love so powerful and beautiful can still exist on Earth. Nevertheless, it’s possible and it’s real! Often we wonder why we suffer countless heart breaks and struggle to find pure love in our relationships. Well its because we’ve overlooked one essential thing in our search. That is the search for love is not external, but it must first be internal. Love starts within you. How does love start in you? “For God is Love,” says the Bible and thus God is the birthplace of love and where love begins because he created love. Therefore, the seeds of love are planted in us if we truly love God and accept him first.
    Unlike God, men naturally do not have love in their blood because men are born in sin. From the moment we arrive into this world, we are washed in the sins of our mother and father and wrapped in a sinful flesh. It is up to a man to find love through his heart because he can never find true love through his flesh because it is cursed from birth. Moreover, for him to possess a deep love in his heart he too must seek God first.
    What happens when a man doesn’t seek God first? Well this is the answer to why men cheat in relationships. Without God a man is in grave danger and vulnerable to the desires of his flesh. What do I mean? Well if you haven’t noticed this earthly world is a battle of principalities the ancient war of Good versus Evil. Every waking moment is a battle from day to day. Good often wants to prevail but there are Evil principalities, the things that go bump in the night, that seek to destroy us daily. A man cheats on a woman because he has strayed far from God and not let him dwell within his heart. Apart from God’s love man alone cannot withstand the evils that will surely come his way when faced with evil persuasion he will listen to his flesh instead of listening to God in his heart. Think about it! Can a mere man slay Satan? The answers No! Even the Bible says that God alone will ultimately defeat Satan and cast his into the lake of fire. Hence, a man must have God in his heart to resist the evil temptation of cheating. Again, without God he is doomed to cheat because he has no unconditional foundation of love on which to stand strong and fight Satan’s attacks off. Of course with all the beautiful women in this world Satan is very similar to a Sentinel on the blockbuster movie the Matrix. At any second he can use any woman against a man. Remember the woman in the red dress in the movie well Satan can use her as his weapon to strike down a man by forcing him to look and think lustfully. Which leads to him following through on those thoughts and cheating. I believe the Bible says it well in that line that screams, “As a man thinketh, So is he.” However, if God dwells within that same man then Satan can stand no chance against him because he has strong resistance just as God did when he was tempted in the wilderness by Satan countless times. I myself can attest to the validity every word that I have just written. Recently, I’ve committed my self to a beautiful woman and we have given birth to an amazing relationship. It seems just when things are getting good and ripe that’s when Satan lashes out at a man. It happened when I was at the Enmark Gas station last Thursday a voluptuous female pulled up to the pump across from mine. Within seconds the thoughts began to invade my head to look even lust. As I finished pumping my gas I went to pay for it and on my return trip to my car there she was still propped up against her car in attire hotter than the temperature that day. Without a doubt I had a clear and second chance to look and even approach her. But then a voice simple said, “Keep walking!” I know now that was God saying to me you’re in love already don’t be foolish. After holding my woman tight in my arms on the park bench the day afterwards I realize that without accepting God in my heart I would have made the worst mistake of my life by going for that other woman. What I have with Lepaige was amazing and she returns my love ten fold whereas the other woman could have cared less about my heart. All in all, I believe that has predestined a great love for all men if we let him dwell in our hearts everyday. I know this is the key for us brothers to transform our relationships into spiritual ones. That way we can share God’s love in us with our women and appreciate them even the more. So I urge you to lets stop cheating and letting Satan prevail in destroy our relationship from fully blossoming into something incredible. Yes, brothers it is time to open up your heart to God and experience his love inside you unconditionally. The love that was founded by bleeding on the cross so that we might have a chance to experience the depths of love. It was a love so deep that one man was willing to die for love. We may never in our life find the courage to die for love but at least we can make a change and let our God know he didn’t die in vain by letting his love live in each of us.

    Brothers & Sisters please pass this on to all you know and lets each make progress and a difference today. Remember God woke each of us up this morning with a purpose and every breath is our opportunity to exercise the gifts God has so blessed us with!
    Thanks for your attention and have a blessed & purpose driven day!
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    Why is it that Jesus was not accepted

    Lately, I have been more drawn to discover the origin of my people. As a starting point, I completed an Ethics course that really exposed to me the world and society’s influence on thought and perception. In our world, we teach a Psuedo-scholarship. A form of scholarship that does not follow the basic rules of scholarship. For example, we do not learn for understanding so that we can make changes; we learn for knowledge so that we can duplicate. Nevertheless, I was also looking for some direction, and at the end of the semester I purchased a Bible. I read the first six books, but put it to the side as my next semester started. I wanted to be really focused in school. I enrolled in an African American history course. The first two chapters of my text book discussed the two kingdoms of Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade. Surprisingly, my reading of the Bible and the situations and circumstances of the Africans seemed to have a reflection of each other. Finally, I gave in and started to read my Bible again from the beginning. I now had increased knowledge of world.
    Wholeheartedly, I knew after reading the first five books of Moses the second time; that it was possible that Africans are Israelites. In my heart, there were no questions. I continued to read the Bible and noticed “King” David fled Israel when King Saul wanted his life. Also, the kingdom of Judah was born and Jerusalem established in the land where “King David” fled. This is where King David built the “City of David”. King David and his son King Solomon never lived among the Israelite nation as rulers. Although, some Israelites followed and dwelt among them. After King Solomon’s death the new kingdom Judah and the Israelite nation parted ways, because of the slavery under the thrown. This is when Babylon comes in and conquers the kingdom of Judah. The Israelites that rebelled against King David’s thrown are known throughout the world as “The Worst Of The Unbelievers” especially in the Middle East and Holy Lands. These Israelites have supposedly been punished and extinguished.
    I continued to read and realized that the Bible is truly the book of wisdom and understanding. The Bible has taught me the origin of the world, nations, the Black nation, religions, beliefs, world concepts, and ways of thinking. Most importantly it told me who I am, what God wants from me and the desired condition of my heart. During my third reading of the Bible in less than five months, God gave me proof. I was just finishing the eight minor prophets, from Hosea to Malachi. I began thinking about Israelites selling Israelites into slavery and all Israelites being punished. Also, the fact that Israelites had been slaves in every World Superpower. I realized that I had just read the eight minor prophets prophecy the destruction of Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade. Africa is Israel and the southern kingdom of Israel and Judah. Present day Israel, which was established in 1943 by the United States, is the kingdom of Judah and the northern kingdom of Israel and Judah. It all depended on who or what nation was translating. The Holy Lands were trampled for centuries after the prophets, and for the sake of history the world tried to recreate the scene. Therefore history has renamed the Israelites that rebelled against the throne of King David the Ku****es. Those that followed King David solely held the title of Israelites. Sadly, the kingdom of Judah intermixed and led us to confusion of face, because the world attempted to exclude the Ku****es and Ethiopians. Look at an ancient world map, present day Israel looks like mini Africa.
    The last of the eight minor prophets prophesied in Babylon and Persia, which were the last true world superpowers before Jesus birth. King Cyrus the Great freed Israelite slaves from that new kingdom of Judah. Greece conquered Persia in the 300BCs. Then, Rome followed Greece into the Holy Lands. History tells us that Middle Easterners held Blacks in slavery before Europeans. Also, Blacks had been under Muslim practices until just before the Atlantic slave trade. Nevertheless, the only nation of people to be plucked up out of their land and scattered throughout the nations from that time until now is Africans. We are Israelites and descendants of Shem. Every nation of color came from us through intermixing slave masters and slaves. Abraham did father many nations. Middle Easterners know that they come from black people and trace their heritage back to Ismail, Abraham’s son and Isaac’s brother. We are the only nation to ever go into slavery 400yrs; to suffer bondage and affliction from 1460’s to 1860’s. History tells us that it took our forefathers 40 years to build the Pyramids before suddenly the slaves stopped working and Egypt fell. In addition, the Israelites outnumbered Egyptians and dwelled closer to Ethiopia because shepherds were not wanted among Egyptians. Our forefathers dwelt in that land 430yrs. Because it all belonged to Egypt up until that point. We have been a blessing to every nation as the labor force of every Kingdom. God said “the way you treat the least of my children is how you treat me.” Every world superpower fell and we came out of them, yet we have never gone back to God. We are the only nation to witness him when he brought us out of Egypt, and that is the reason for our obviously deeper conviction to God than any other people. Attached to this introduction to new understanding, is the reality of the prophecies of the eight minor prophets. Taken from the first two chapters of “African American Odyssey” Third Edition, by Darlene Hine, William Hine, and Stanley Harold.
    In conclusion, God is not a man nor should he lie. The secret things belong to us and our children. We are the most peculiar people on the planet because we have a different heart. God is in our heart. In a world that is upside down and evil rules the world; God’s people are powerless and at the bottom. We know only what the world has taught us. We are the only nation of people who can’t stand and defend ourselves. Africa or Israel is run by Europeans. The present state of Israel was established by the United States in 1943. The Bible has not been analyzed from scratch by a good heart, a good root. The Bible has been used to gain power and to oppress. Yet it teaches us to be just, humble, meek, and to show mercy at all times. A good root can only bring good fruit and a bad root can only bring bad fruit. The righteous man who is last must now come to the front. The world concluded the Old Testament with Jesus birth, but minor prophecies and the tribulations had not yet been placed on Israelites. More importantly in Ezekiel 35: 11, God said he would make himself known to Israel after he has judged them. After reading the attached chapters, read the prophecies of the eight minor prophets. Read it for the story that is told, not to study and break down phrases. Read it like a book and see what it says about you. Read it for the story behind the teachings and get the whole truth. Remember, if you want to keep something from a Black man; put it in a Book. The definition of Bible is Book. Keep in mind that the older Bibles have been tampered with the least. The world continues to change the wording, so that the story continues to get more vague. Black people come from Africa and that is where Israelites originated.


    1 Sam Ch. 27 “King” David fled Israel or Africa from King Saul into Philistines.

    2 Sam Ch. 5:6 King David established kingdom in Jerusalem and built “City of David”

    2 Sam Ch. 6 King David and his Israelite support take ark of covenant from Israel among Israelites to the City of David.

    2 Chron Ch.11 Israel (Africa) rebelled against kingdom of Judah and God held Judah back from attacking Israelites (Ku****es)

    2 Chron Ch. 13 Israel (Africa) fought Judah and lost some cities, but the survived.

    2 Chron Ch. 17 Judah and Israel are allies

    2 Chron Ch. 34:5 Judah and cities under Judah’s control in Israel (Africa)

    2 Chron Ch. 36:5 Kingdom of Judah conquered by Babylon

    Hosea 10:10 When Israelites bind themselves up into two furrows (Benin, Dahomey) God will gather all nations against them.
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    It's true, the Holy Son brought us faith along with His sacrifice and resurrection from the dead, and with that faith, we may know what true love is as we know the Son and the Father.

    It's true that we actually know true love when we have the Father at heart, since it begins with the Great GLORY.

    And a very fine example of overcoming temptation which has been provided.:D Men should keep the Most High at heart, and faith in the Son and all temptations will cease to have any power over them for the Father is not at all tempted nor tempts men as it is written in the Holy Scripures; this is for women also, since all have sinned according to the flesh.