Black Poetry : Love In The Concrete

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
don't answer me the noise from the thick concrete altough windows are opened

the stark hinderance to reach the Apollo can teach given someone to reach

pillows with cotton silk with satin debris sorry what you mean claim the game of mean

Love in concrete the reason why we leap parade in foxes brief stand still and repeat

there's flavor in the ocean caught by memory of its fallen debris come to sit next to me

filtered through an onion sitting on the porch swing no claim to fame love in concrete

A soul take one to heart through windows start we miss the mark you claim the start

today maybe the last day of your life so take a new start heros miss the mark

out in Virginia stand still within ya crackling rosie continue rescue in between ya

starting on something plain turn in the oven pay attention to the royal sweet...,

Love in the concrete stand still or repeat it gets better by far the ready made car

Tupac had a vision that's what we are missing through a gate your chosen

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