Black Short Stories : Love, Honor, and Cherish

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    What a day they had, it was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in the middle of July, the sky was a beautiful blue and there was a small breeze. I guess you could say, what a **** day! Yvonne and her father James were out all day window shopping, then decided to have lunch at Henry’s, a small soul food bistro James used to take Yvonne and her sister Lashunda to all the time. It had a homey atmosphere, the kind of place that seems as if you were in your very own dinning room. The small Mom and Pop shop was owned by Mr. Henry Robinson, a good friend of James'. They were childhood buddies growing up in Macon, Georgia. Henry’s area of expertise was catfish and greens, which were James' favorite. It sort of became a family tradition to go every Sunday.

    Yvonne and her father loved to sit at the table next to the window; you could see the whole street from there. James stood about 6’2", with salt and pepper hair, slightly plump, and fifty-seven years young. He was your everyday blue-collar worker; a t-shirt and jeans were his every day uniform. He worked hard for everything he earned to help put food on the table.

    James worked in a distribution warehouse for fifteen years before opening his own auto body shop, Y.L Auto Shop. The shop was named after his two daughters Yvonne and Lashunda. Yvonne, was a twenty-four year old attractive black woman, a spark plug, the girl had enough **** energy for everyone. She was what the fellas called fine as ****, yet she was a very well rounded young lady. The kind of gal that could shoot pool and share a Heineken with you one minute, and dance the waltz at the ball with you the next. Her hair was cut short, which only enhanced her loveliness. Her eyes seemed to flirt with you effortlessly, as her smile would convince you to donate your left lung. When she spoke, that southern accent could turn the hardest thug into play dough.

    She owns her own catering business, which is how she met her fiancé Trevor. Trevor was attending his sisters wedding, which happened to be catered by Sister Soul, Yvonne’s catering business. The two spent most of the meal talking about Yvonne’s wedding; it is to take place at her parent’s house next month. James reminds you a lot of the character Cliff Huxtable, played by actor Bill Cosby on the Cosby Show. Not because of his looks, but because of his playfulness and his love for is family. He loves to jokingly remind Yvonne how much the wedding is costing him.

    James never held back when it came to his girls. But to soothe this big guy she reminds him of the chance he has to walk her down the aisle. Something he promises both his little girls he’d do one day. After filling up like fat cats, they decided to head home, it was getting pretty late. On the ride back, James looks a little upset. When Yvonne looked over to her father to ask what was wrong, James turned the music down and looked his baby girl in the eyes and confessed his fear of watching his daughter grow up. James wasn’t the mushy type by far, so Yvonne was so surprised to see her father crying she couldn’t hold back her own emotions. After using her index finger to wipe her eyes, she reached over and embraced his right hand and said, “I will always be your little girl Daddy”.

    As James reached over to turn the volume up again, everything for Yvonne went black. When she awoke, the once dark highway was now lit up like Mardi Gras! The sounds of sirens rang through the air. Yvonne was unsure what happened. She was trapped in her seat, and unable to move. It took her a second to focus, as a policeman urged a response from her. The policeman calmly explained to her that she had been in an accident. A drunk driver had aimlessly swerved into their lane and hit them head on. The cars were in terrible shape; her face had minor scrapes, and there was a deep gash over her right brow. Her legs were crushed against the dashboard and she was unable to budge them. She tried her best to get herself together; she looked to her right for her father, but his seat was empty. She screamed out to the policeman, "Where is my father"? The police attempted to calm her down. Through the cracked windshield she could see the EMT’s working on her father. Apparently the impact had thrown him from the car. The policeman insured her that everything was fine. Yvonne screamed out for her father, her screams cried out into the summer night. She was so overcome with shock that she fainted.

    Two Years Later….

    She looks so pretty in white, the gown seem as if it was made solely for her, to be at one with each and every one of her curves. She resembles royalty as she slowly swirls around to get a glimpse of every angle of her lovely reflection. The mirror shows she’s absolutely stunning, but to the naked eye she’s much more, she’s heavenly. It’s as if God allowed one of his angles to exist amongst us. Her mother is over come with emotions, shedding tears of joy, as she watches her little princess prepare herself to take her place as queen. The astonished looks on the faces of her bridesmaids confirmed their unanimous thoughts that she was breathtakingly beautiful.

    The gown is long and flowing, off the shoulders, exposing just enough cleavage, while being beautifully adorned with a diamond pendant. Her hair is pulled up revealing her natural beauty. Her lips decorated in a rosy red, with just enough make-up to enhance her bridal glow. It’s her day. Her bridesmaid’s surrounds her; dressed in white and red gowns, with matching shoes, each with a string of pearls to complete the elegant ensemble. There are five of them total, four of the exquisite ladies childhood friends, the other her younger sister, who she considers her dearest and closes friend. She’s kneeling down close to the bride, applying some touch-ups to fix the smeared mascara caused by the bride’s tears of happiness. Her sister is decked out in a striking all red dress. She looks so stunning the other girl’s joke that she’s trying to upstage the bride. Lashunda is two years younger then her sister and just as stunning, but a little on the shy side. She also is adorned with a diamond pendant, an exact replica of her elder sister’s. Their father gave them these beautiful pieces of jewelry when they were very young. They have always felt that these attractive pendants were magical and as long as they wore them the two would always have a special bond.

    The two began to reminisce about their childhood days growing up in Georgia. They grew up in a three-bedroom home in a low-income area of Atlanta. Their mother was a bank teller at the time, and although they didn’t have much then, their parents would always make the best of things. Whether it was trips to the park, or waters fights, popping popcorn and watching a movie, or just a night out on the steps. The family was very close, and the girls were exceptionally close to there father, who loved his two princesses to death. He would drive them out to the country to go fishing every Saturday, and even though the girls thought fishing was dull, he would make it fun for them by being the jokester he was known to be. Everywhere he went the two girls weren’t far behind, tagging along with him every chance they could. They would hear his car keys jingle from their room and come running, and could care less where daddy was headed to, just as long as they could come.

    They shared the same room the majority of their young lives, which allowed them to become so close. The two would sit up all night talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up, and where they wanted to live. The conversations always turned to whom they wanted to marry, and how big the wedding would be. They fantasized about an enormous wedding, with everyone there, and how beautiful a bride they’d be, swearing an oath that they would be one another's bridesmaids, and live next door to each other forever. Their father at the door telling the girls to get their butts to bed would interrupt the chat. Laughing they’d tell their daddy what they were talking about again and he would reply, “Those would be the greatest days of my life, walking my little angels down the aisle”.

    Now that day has come. The two sit side-by-side in the back room of their parent’s new home on the other side of town. The time is getting nearer as the girl's scramble around to make any final adjustments. Mom makes her way over to her daughter, eyes still overflowing with tears to give each of them one final kiss before taking her place in front of the bridal party. Yvonne now begins to show a sign of nerves as she watches her mother leave the room to take her place as the proudest spectator of this magnificent event. Her sister calms her down and ensures her that everything will be fine, and that this was her day, the day belongs to her. The music begins to play, which is the queue for the bridesmaids to take their places. The wedding will be held in the large back yard of their parent’s home, a beautiful four-bedroom home in Atlanta. The back yard has been decorated marvelously, with red and white trimming, and an abundance of red roses ornamenting the fence. The altar, which was made of a dark wood, was decorated with a flood of roses at the bottom. The bride’s guests are seated in all red chairs to the right, as the groom’s side was seated to the left in all white chairs. An aisle made of white cloth and covered in a bed of roses separates the two sides. Each chair has a single rose placed on the seat, as each guest is to hold their rose during the ceremony, which to the couple is the ultimate symbol of love. All the guests have taken their places as the music begins to play. Trevor, dressed in a black Armani suit with a red tie, makes his way slowly down the aisle. He walks steadily, showing a bit of nerves as the guests look on with wide eyes.
    He’s a tall handsome, with a great smile, even though he is nervous, he still gives off the confidence of a man ready to marry the woman he loves. Taking his place beside the priest, the music changes as the bridesmaids begin to make there way down the aisle. Yvonne hears the music change, she is immediately overcome with butterflies as she squeezes her sister's hand tighter, as the first brides maid is now being escorted out by the grooms usher. Her sister looks down at her and smiles, and reminded her once again, it was her day. The bridesmaids and ushers slowly stroll down the aisle; each of the ushers are decked out in white with red trimmed open collared shirts and white slacks, complimented with a red rose pinned to the collar. Each of the bridesmaids was adorned with a red rose positioned on the right side of their hair. The third couple made their way down the aisle, as the anticipation of the bride’s appearance grows stronger as Trevor stands at the altar looking on at the beautiful site that is his wedding. His parents can no longer hold back the tears as the ceremony moves along. Lashunda looks down at the beautiful bride one last time before it is her turn to make her way down the aisle. She tells her “see you at the altar” as her and the best man make their way down the aisle. Both the bridesmaids and best man are dressed in all red, the bridesmaid with a white rose in her hair, and the best man with one on his collar. The two make their way down the aisle and position themselves in place.

    All eyes are anxiously on the entrance way as it is now the brides turn to gracefully make her trip down the aisle. She moves into position as the DJ plays the traditional here comes the bride. She moves slowly toward the beginning of the aisle, and is now seen by the guests. She closes her eyes and waits; she sits motionless, and whispers, “Daddy are you ready?” Moments later a strong cool breeze blows threw the wedding seemingly kissing her on her red rose-colored lips. She knew then that she was ready to be given away. She slowly begins to move down the aisle, as the guest look on with joy. She's beautiful, she is absolutely stunning; yes this is truly her day. As Trevor watches his lovely bride make her way down the aisle, he is overcome with joy, it’s like everything is moving in slow motion. As she arrives at the altar there isn’t a dry eye in the house. She has overcome so much to make it to this moment. The two look so good together; the look of their parent’s eyes says it all. She is gradually guided into place next to her king, where she was now ready to be wed. The priest told them to join hands, as he begins to swear the couple in. The guests are all overcome with tears of happiness as they are witnessing this majestic matrimony occur. The priest announces to the guests that the bride and groom have written their own vowels. The groom slowly turns to his bride, and looks genuinely into her eyes. His palms were sweaty as he reached down to grab her hands. The guests are totally silent, you could only hear the sounds of tears, and sniffles of those being held back as the groom kneels down, and begins to speak.

    “The moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew it was true, this love between me and you…I was never the one to believe in love at first sight, but baby that all changes as you showed me a different light. You have made me the man that I am today, and the man I will become tomorrow. You’re absolutely beautiful, and your beauty stems farther than what the eye can see, you touch everyone in a special way; the same way you have touched me. I realize that I can never replace the one hero in your world, you will always be his lil girl the love of his life…But I will try my hardest to make you the happiest wife.

    Trevor takes his thumbs and wipes his bride’s eyes, as they are overwhelmed with tears, the bridesmaid’s have also lost their composure as Trevor’s heart felt words have touched everyone. Mom is being comforted by her sister, who is seated directly beside her, as Trevor’s parents embrace one another, embarking on one of the proudest moments of their lives. The bride now turns to the groom; he once again kneels down to be eye to eye with his bride. They hold hands, and she takes a few deep breathe.

    “The past two years has been the toughest time in my life. Today is a bittersweet sorrow for me, I get to marry the man I love, but at the same time, I am reminded of a great loss. It was two years ago today that I lost my hero; I lost my father. And as I sit here in this wheelchair, I am reminded every day of my hero, my daddy. I can feel him here with me though on this blessed day. As I prepared myself to come down the aisle, there was a cool breeze, that’s when I knew my father hadn’t forgot his promise, his promise to escort me down the aisle. I want you to know my love, that I love you with all my heart, you have been there for me through these chain of events, and I don’t think I could have done it without you. Though I may never walk again, I will always stand by your side, though I may not feel my legs once more, you will still feel my love for you. I promise to love honor and cherish you 'til death do us part.

    With that said, the minister proudly pronounced them man and wife. Trevor reached down and put both his hands on Yvonne's cheeks, softly kissing her. He whispered in her ear, “baby you’re my hero”.
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    this was a awesome read love the flow of a story here
    wow!! thankz for dis one...brutha