Black Poetry : love & happiness


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Jan 29, 2001
~for those who know that they know what they know~ :wink:

If we live long enough we understand
that love is more than a feeling ~
Feelings deceive us, and turn us into
creatures of the moment
But when the heart truly loves
no mood, no situation, noBody
is strong enough to destroy it
Even if the object of our affection
does not love us back
We love anyway...
Emotionally, we're able to let
love 'sleep'

but it never dies
for at the slightest touch, it will arise

If we live long enough, we come to
understand that no one outside ourselves
can MAKE us happy
We realize that happiness comes from
the love we have within us, FOR ourselves
And because love is the mother of happiness,
and peace...which together, beget joy...
we are compelled to share it

when we obey our hearts
it multiplies

If we live long enough, we'll come to an experience
in our lives that brings us more joy than we've ever
known ~ love so deep, so profound,
that all of what we hoped for, and more,
is manifested in the flesh before our eyes

but circumstances may seem all wrong

joy is muted
peace runs and hides ~

yet, true love will not be long denied

just standing by

and for a time

happiness lies still
and safe

A, 2000

long enough won't need to be near death
long enough doesn't have to be in our last breath
long enough don't mean we in the middle of a pause
long enough won't be a just because

at least it hasn't been that way for me

i've lived through all the kid stuff
and the juvenile games
i've lived through one night stands
even left one standing in the rain
i've lived through the jealousy envy and hate
and i know that my search is not too late
for past the life i live is the live to be
in the love of my enterity
and long enough will be soon


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