Black Poetry : Love .... Gone

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    I gave it to you so easily
    As butter slipping through my fingers
    I lead you to the bathroom to do it again
    I trusted you so quickly
    I thought I loved you
    And after effects are like a ton of bricks
    Could it be that you took advantage me?
    Because my heart is feeling so many things
    Can't describe the way I feel
    I feel so alone
    I feel so cold
    I just want to go home
    You told me not to fall for you
    That we couldn't be in love forever
    You told me that cuz our different religions
    And it's not realistic
    I already know what you mean
    So why do I have a headache?
    How come you won't pick up the phone?
    You know it's me
    I rushed into love
    And now it's a T.K.O.
    If I could get up off the ground
    I'd run for my life
    And now I'm here
    Acting foolish
    Wondering why you continue to do this to me....
    I thought we were cool
    I thought I was delicious to you
    Why am I a woman?
    I don't have a clue
    Why am I to feel so helplessly
    Why am I to feel so emotional
    And men are left to feel no pain
    I am so lost
    That I am looking around
    But can't find my way
    And now I'm making choices I regret
    Why oh why
    Did I forget to think twice?
    About you?
    And believe your lies?
    It was a disguise
    And led to my demise
    I was engaged
    As I think about it
    I feel sick