Black Poetry : Love Forever


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Apr 1, 2001

Laws coupled with imperfection flaws double no protection
Claws verse makes correction paws like tiger but show affection
Cute with a smile but in absolute denial
Fruit of the Nile salute as facts compile recruits got me on trial
Stoop to an abrupt literary style arbitrary in thought got me wild
Fine secretary wow juvenile like Mariah Carey and Destiny Child
Red lips wear mini-dress hips round plenty breasts
Sexual infinity got me in stress obscenity seem to bless
Cutie got me suspicious because she’s booty licious
Duty calls for a Superstitious kiss loopy and expeditious
Brown sweaty thighs down and ready to lick the pies
Crown you as love flies bound you as my erect body cries
Let me explain she’s wet not a plain Jane I can only aim
Unrestrained in her sexual sophistication // textual interpretation not slang
She tower above rest and shower my love bless with rain
Smash my car Stacey Dash flashed some tits and *** left me clueless
My tires on the highway glueless so yall true this my crew piss
Body itch coming from a party ran my car into a ditch



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