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Jan 22, 2001
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Hello Family,

I happened to click the remote to the Animal Planet, and have been watching a program called Animal Cops, featuring poorly cared for animals from around the country. It's really pretty interesting, and sad too, seeing how negligent some animals owners are. The animal cops come in with a zeal and determination to save the animals, and prosecute the owners. There is money to care for these animals, giving them whatever they need to have a happy and healthy life, and if suggested (by the animal cops) the owners are arrested.

As i've watched this program a few times, i can't help but notice the way some folk view animals ... it seems they care more for them than human beings.

There are lots of human beings on the street, ill health, cold, hungry ... yet there is no program on television going out saving them.

Does it seem that pets / animals in this country receive more love and compassion than many of the human beings found here?


you know sista , it really raise my head i watch this a lot as well and it's sad
how America vow to care for the what they (whites) call lovable pet and family
while there are billions of souls right now in the cold hungry and sick in cardboard
boxes shoes run down and feet on the ground i work with homeless people and
have talked to some very bright ones who could teach a person a lot

yes they the society care for these pets more then the human race in america

even it may sound harash but we have adopt a program call
ADOPT A BUM (AAB) is a rare and fairly new system to save a life
give shelter and food some med attention to these very talented people
as we are set to run a food drive we still cry foul for grants for medical care
sad how the gov. overlook these people not even a line or ad about these living
soul on the street , i once gave a fairly old guy a hotdog he smash it so fast
down i thought man this so sad i was very upset that so many in america as
starving like this and we sending money food and meds cross the world and our
own are here dying slow painful death
some how someway we will save a few i'll promise that much it's a battle near lost
but a war we won't end I heard it was another program i think call SAVE-A-LIFE
SAL i think is more stable and working with RED + CROSS

it hurts to even talk about how human life is being treated pose to pets for joyment
I'm so glad you brought this up! I thought I was the only one that thinks that show Animal cops is crazy! They go around arresting people for 'animal cruelty' but see no problem with police brutality against black men who get arrested, along with all of the other things they do against blacks!

I remember one time when someone accused my husband and I of animal cruelty against our Doberman, Grimm. Thank God the SPCA agent who came out saw that it was false, but if she thought differently, we could've been in big trouble.

There was another time we brought the dog with us to a flea market (he was a puppy at the time). This crusty old white woman screamed, "That dog is thirsty," because the dog was panting. Mind you, we had given the animal milk and water before we left the house, in addition to carrying extra water for him to drink, which we had been giving him regularly. Plus, what dog doesn't pant? That's what dogs ******* do!

Anyway, it's true.. white people have an unhealthy obessesion with dogs. They treat them better than humans, and it's just sick! I mean, I love my pets, and I do think that if you take an animal in your home you should take care of it, but getting arrested for animal cruelty? Come on! That's ludicrious! The only time people should be arrested for animal cruelty is if their actions against the animal is going to affect humans in some way!
PETA Releases Teen Sex Ad

PETA Releases Teen Sex Ad To Ruffle Some Feathers


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Albany (WGY-AM) - A new TV ad from PETA will soon be hitting the airwaves in New York, and will likely ruffle some feathers.

The ad features two parents encouraging their teenage daughter to have sex.

PETA is using the ad to demonstrate what happens to the pet population if owners chose not to have their pets spayed or neutered.

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