Black Poetry : Love Deferred Makes The Heart Sick

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    I know the bible verse says “hope deferred”,
    And I’m not on an arrogant mission
    To add or subtract to God’s word.
    But a love-slowdown or lack
    As a cause of heart sickness is also a fact,
    Because these days,
    The words, “I love you” don’t mean jack.
    If you’re a man, they all want to know
    How your paper stacks.
    Most women deny trying to be supplanters,
    But check out the economic times,
    Then check out female standards
    Regarding marriage and relationships.
    To them, no man is worth spit
    If he does not come fully equipped
    With expensive things
    That it takes time to get,
    Like a house of your own and a car.
    Most females promise that you won’t get far
    If you don’t have it all, yesterday.
    At least 50k or above is the suggested pay.
    I’m not calling all women gold-diggers.
    I’m just noting how it’s funny
    That no-good brothers
    Is what we are considered
    If we don’t have a lot of money.
    How would that affect
    Your love-n-life perspectives?
    The sensible set partnership standards
    That they live by while
    Paying the cost of not being selected,
    While the foolish
    Go against God’s directives -
    Pursuing leases, loans, and mortgages
    All for the sake of saying they’re affording it
    As adultery’s and fornication’s justification.
    Happiness is never
    At the end of that situation,
    Love deferred makes the heart sick.

    On the cool side of the smarter,
    He who finds a wife finds a good thing
    Because what he has is a partner,
    And in that partner is the drive to truly help
    Rather than be all about herself,
    And that appreciative man would give her
    What her heart desires
    For her personal sacrifice
    Because they both paid the price
    To live a better life.
    But on the other side of this love ride
    Lies a dark foundation
    Based on selfishness and pride
    Where the belief lived is based
    On faith in a series of lies
    Where you cannot stand good
    In the hearts of women
    Concerning your manhood
    Without the false blessing
    Of a quickly attained mass
    Of material possessions
    That are really not yours.
    Only debt results from engaging
    In all those get-rich quick schemes.
    Wealth is often built with time
    And often accomplished by a team;
    But the plans of some kill great dreams
    And cause the downfall of great kings –
    Advice to King Lemuel from his mother,
    Recorded in Proverbs 31.
    Sadly, love deferred
    Is what love has become,
    Love deferred makes the heart sick.

    You wonder why, supposedly,
    There are no good men around.
    Perhaps we know the sour fruit of your trees
    And don’t want your seeds of hatred
    In our heart’s ground.
    We know you pray for a good man,
    So God sends us to check you out,
    And you may very well have faith,
    But after seeing your ways and actions,
    We have understandable doubts.
    We know from our mistakes and trials
    That not all wet stuff is gold.
    Sometimes, some women are not worth
    Laying claim to - truth be told.
    We’re not perfect either, ladies.
    So don’t think this poem
    Is the result of some kind of grudge.
    It’s just that we know
    That not much righteousness is in you
    For all the times it’s us you judge.
    In the way we were designed, we love, too,
    But this truth, you often deny
    Then apply false judgments and standards
    To us and every other guy,
    And it corrupts you to the point
    Where you’ll reject the truth
    And believe the lie,
    Getting hurt time and time again,
    Having the nerve to ask God why.
    We are only the monsters
    You made us become
    When all we wanted to do in the first place
    Was stand with you in love and become one.
    Love deferred makes the heart sick.

    And guys, don’t think you’re off the hook.
    You’ll fall in lust quick
    And leap before you look,
    Becoming thieves
    Trying to steal the jewels of the temple,
    Corrupting the treasure
    Within the hearts of our sisters
    Causing us who value them to suffer
    Because of what you take them through
    Until the pain and bitterness you feel
    Begins to flow deeply within them too
    Causing the cycle of distrust, division,
    Condemnation, and lies to continue.
    The true issue is not who’s to blame.
    The truth is that we all play games,
    Point fingers at each other to accuse
    Rather than trying
    To keep real love maintained
    Through times of blessing and prosperity
    As well as trying and hard times.
    Amazingly, we’d rather suffer the loss
    Of trying to get things quickly
    Outside of God
    Than to team with him
    And make the hard climb.
    But in our hearts and our minds
    The ends justify the means.
    The code these days is
    No mercy for the week, or so it seems.
    But we fail to realize that we are weak.
    Only real love can keep us strong.
    That’s not to say it won’t be hard
    Or that things won’t go wrong.
    What it means is that we acknowledge
    That we are weak, broken, and imperfect.
    And because of that,
    We commit to God and each other
    Because we have faith
    That it will be worth it.
    A true investment in love always pays off
    No matter the end of the matter,
    But there is no quick return or quick fix.
    Keep playing with love if you want to,
    Ladies and gents,
    But the love or hurt
    You give, you receive
    Love deferred makes the heart sick.

    copyright 2009, Nyne Elementz
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    No doubt
    welcome poeticly to the playground
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    Oh yes, so fresh!

    Brother Nyne, welcome home. This was a very nice flow, and the knowledge dropped was on point.

    Thanks for sharing.


    - Ikoro