Black Poetry : "Love Beloew"

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    First off I want to say that this is my second poem so be nice but tell me what you think.

    “Love Below”

    Heart racing, sweat increasing by the moment, lump getting bigger in my throat,

    Yet with every passing second now turning into minutes, I knew I must approach;

    As I gather enough strength, play the scenario through my head, I realize the time is here,

    So I take a deep breath, walk over, saying to myself hopefully her man appears;

    Now its game time, so I broke the silence, introduce myself … now I’m feeling bold,

    To my surprise she was receptive to my appearance and said “Hello, my name is Nicole;”

    She had a nice physique, pretty brown eyes, big chest and thick thighs,

    Her voice was real soft, heaven sent, like an angel reaching down from the skies;

    Unlike a fairy tale, this, us, we, man we started out perfect, Cupid hit me right in the chin,

    Before I knew it my heart was in a place I thought it would never be in;

    Talking everyday, every minute, every hour; she knew my whole life, and I knew her’s,

    We were intertwined like love birds; imagine my life without her, now that’s absurd;

    Let’s fast forward 3 hours, 2 days, and 4 months, since we first met,

    All of sudden something happened; I became to busy, a mistake I will always regret;

    A few months went by, still no words spoken, but I missed my best friend,

    Then out of the blue, I needed her, I wanted her, so I tried to contact her again;

    The worst came true, I lost her forever, still able to reach her but the damage was done,

    The time we lost was to big to overcome, heart broken, I just knew she was the one;

    So when you find that someone special, the one that makes you feel good inside,

    Hold on tight, don’t let a second go by, time is precious, I know, those empty nights….

    I cried
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    i know what u mean too .......well expressed

    Welcome to poetic playground
    welcome to da house of peace & respect
    welcome from above as i bless this wit love
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    Enjoyed the detail in your expression, yes time is precious, a gift needs to be cherished as such.
    Welcome to Familiarize yourself with our poetic rules of etiquette, . Give poetic love and support to other poets, as they give the same to you. Looking forward to reading more from you.