Black Poetry : Love and Time


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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
United States Air Force

You've stuck by me through the thickest of thick

Time captured in a bottle to preserve love's union

Clinging to my potential to love you unconditionally

You've monitored every beat of my heart; ensuring
living for you through us carries the day

The smallest of all things are those you've always
said matters; I've come to know just what you
meant in that delightful regard

Giving consequence to your life gives a reason for my
passion; fueled and driven with a single kiss

My purpose for existence is borne of you and of
time; bonding us perpetually into close eternity

Personifications of what my dreams are made of;
euphemistic synergies of personal selves

Complete thoughts transform abstract imitations
of cupidity on occasion into manifestations of
real love co-mingled with time

Initiator of the torch that lights my soul from within

Guardian of the flame that burns deeply within me

Love grew with time; but I love you then as I do now

But on a much more profound level; this I feel true

Two-dimensional paradigms of peace brought to
bear by your warmth, your sincerity, and of course,
your smile

Touch me casually as I hold you carefully; never
wanting to free my grasp of your love oh so pure

Spoil me tenderly but with reckless abandon; and
in turn explore my intent to honor you on our love
journey to infinity

Love me as if your life depended on it; habitually
my lifeline pulsates as I slip into a dreamscape
world resuscitated by you and endless time

Like heart is to soul and spirit is to mind

You are forever my love

Until the end of time...



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