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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Love And Hate?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Black Divine Beings Are The Author And Finisher Of The Emotional Expression Of Love, there was a Time when Hate was not a convenient emotional expression, the Time when you being Divine had not been compromised, beloved Black Afrikan people.

Racism and all of its emotional attributes is the verifier of the need for Hate, like Love you need to acknowledge reason for Hate, ignore that living reality is what have there to be a Divided Black Afrikan Nation, No Afrika for the Black Afrikans to be the caretaker and having the power and authority to defend, without those qualifications in the act of Love and devotion, you need to look to be able to see where such a no hating mind has gotten Black Afrikans since the Fall from our Divinity.

You can rest assured that if I share it with your information it is coming from the production of my Divine Mind and the information is not going to be in conformation with what you have been educated indoctrinated to believe about, because if it is, then what good am I to you in sharing what you have already been conditioned to believe about as Black Afrikans been trained by Lucifer to do.

Anybody who makes claim to know about the serenity of Love and does not bring Hate along is an imposter, telling you what you "WANT" to hear, the Greater Good stuff, you been conditioned to ignore, because, it contradicts what that Racist Luciferian has taught you to believe about everything you are educated about, which is no difference from indoctrination, beloved.

Love, as described by the Mind, is a serene pleasurable interaction of emotion generated and coming from, not the Heart, but the Mind, beloved, and if you are not being shared with that Divine Truth coming right out of the gate of Divine awareness, then whoever is not teaching but is telling you about Love have yet to innerstand the biological mechanics of living, beloved.

The oppressor and thoughtful Black Mind who take dictate from that racist Luciferian Human Being, they would have you to be against that which I share with you Divinely, because much of what I share with Black Afrikans are supposed to be kept secret by the secret society of Lucifer, we Black folks are only to be exposed to the Lies and deception as so deemed necessary by that fake verbalizing Devilish Lucifer Human Being, he who educate you with only fake information about the Divine Essence the Greater Good-God and our Black self.

So, whatever you are being told about Love, and they do not verify Hate, Love and Hate are likened to Wombgender and Staffgender, Truth and Reality, Right and Wrong, the two also comply to the universal order based on opposites, the Duality of physical living Beings.

To Love Goodness then you must Hate Evil, it frees the Mind from being deceitful, beloved.

You Love with the Mind and Not the Heart, the Mind produce the emotional sentiment that graphically displays the emotion of Diving gratitude and bodily sentimental action of expression, all being generated by the Mind and so is the emotional display of Hate, it informs that there is action not associated with the physical attraction of Loving expression and to be at ease with Love you must be able to invoke Hate against all that oppose such an in-depth mental-emotional bodily expression and be at ease doing so,, beloved.

Hate does not indicate being superior over another person, it is the stabilizer for Love, beloved, I am only suggesting that Black Afrikans become God-Like again and make it be there is no place safe for Evil to reside in the presence of the Greater Good-God, it is dominating being the force, Dark Energy Intelligence.

So is Love and Hate is against the Evil that oppresses and destroys without justification to do so.

Divine Respect

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