Black Poetry : Love And Happiness

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    In the words of Al Green
    Love can make you do right
    Love can make you do wrong

    Love has me twisted
    Flowing up
    Like the parting of the Red Sea

    Love has my mind
    Torn apart
    And pin pointed
    Bull eye
    Like a dart
    To my heart

    And my spirit
    Is weak

    Love can make a person
    Go in sane

    Love can make one
    And isolate

    Love can make you
    Self destructive

    But you have to question
    Is this really love?


    My man and I are in love
    HE's in love with me too.

    It's hurts so bad
    When you separate the two

    THey share a common pride
    And touched uppon some common ground
    And ever since the day we touched
    We've been hindered
    To break up '

    But I won't be so quick to let him go
    Because he's all I ever know

    He's all I ever think
    He's all I ever need

    My imagination
    Can get so creative
    I wish that love
    Would love me with compassion
    So the outcome
    Is not so drastic

    Love intoxicates my soul
    And puts me in constant danger

    You put a move on my heart

    And you fool me
    I don't know where to start

    I'm plagued
    With the fine details
    That I don't know

    They consume me
    And my conscience remains unpeaceful
    It's attentive
    But not always aware

    My lover knows my heart
    My lover knows how I feel
    My lover knows I'm real

    And therefore I should not
    Provoke my lover
    Or make him upset

    Now I feel in the worst shape
    I have ever felt
    I feel overwhelmed

    And my lover
    Drinks to ease the pain
    My lover sometimes does not know what to say

    He falls into my being
    Like rain
    Raining like April showers
    In the summer

    He makes me feel like a queen
    He makes me feel soooo good

    I am His and He is mine
    Hopefully we can get away and spend some time

    Because I miss him
    When he's away
    I want to kiss his face

    So anxious waiting for his replay
    I want to hide
    I want to confide
    In someone
    Who can feel what I'm saying
    So lonely
    Still feeling empty
    Desert Storm
    Cries at night
    When all has said goodbye
    And it finally sinks in
    The predicament that I'm in

    Help me situation
    It's filled with temptation
    I need you
    I need you
    To come an inhabit me
    My lover
    Hear me as I call out his name....

    Love I am Your Prisoner...
    Desert Storm
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    Yes it does

    Love does all of those things, I know I've been there ...

    Falling IN Love is not the hardest part of it all ...
    But it's falling OUT of Love that hurts the most ...

    So if you love ... work on loving forever
    And let the one that you love ... Know how much

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    love is devine when u treat love with love
    but misused can bring da kinda love pain
    momma use to talk about i feel ya here on dis :)