Black Short Stories : Love affair in a pool

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    I was walking home the other day.
    My friend asked me if I wanted a ride.
    I told him. No, I wanted to walk
    and think some things over.
    The street lights were not all working.
    I was familiar with the area.
    I felt uncomfortable because certain
    portions on the street were so dark.
    I decided I would take a short cut thru some yards.
    I had cut through these yards several times,
    but hadn’t done so for a year or two.

    Many of the homes had luxurious yards,
    with flower gardens and pools.
    As I walked thru I noticed bushes had
    been planted in this one yard.
    It made it hard to continue thru.
    So I parted the bushes to see
    what else had changed.

    When I did I could see a woman
    swimming naked in her pool.

    I became enthralled watching her.
    She would dive deep and come up,
    and glide slowly through the water.
    She had long black hair, and her skin
    was a lovely caramel brown.
    Her buttocks were round and attractive.
    Her oval breasts were glistening
    with water drops.

    As I stood there amazed and
    gripped by her beauty.
    She turned and noticed me
    looking thru the bush.

    She smiled, and continued swimming.

    The house was completely dark.
    I could tell no one else was at home.
    I walked thru the hedge and came over to the pool.
    I sat on the edge as she swam back
    toward the side I was on.

    She exited the water’s edge.
    She brushed her hair back from
    her face and said, “Hi”. :flirt:

    What are you doing watching me?

    I was searching for a reply, but
    couldn’t find the words to explain. :bye:

    There is a state of wanting to
    embrace and cling to another.
    We both were feeling the power
    of what was about to happen.

    Normally one would feel powerful,
    the other powerless.
    Neither one of us lost our
    selves in the feelings.
    Nor did we feel one would take
    over those of the other.
    Her courage and lack of fear excited me.


    So I leaned over and kissed her.
    It was a passionate kiss, because
    I was aroused beyond belief.
    She asked are you going to join me.
    I got undressed and climbed into the pool.

    We continued to kiss... I reached down
    while we were still spellbound in passion
    and ran my hand across her nipples.

    She quivered as I stroked her breast.
    Her stomach fluttered like a thousand butterflies.

    Blood rushed to my member as we
    pressed our bodies together.
    She pressed her breast against my chest.
    It felt like they had found a new home.

    I brushed my hand thru her hair.
    The water made her skin feel so silky.
    The excitement level was really intense.

    I gripped her firm buttocks and I lifted her
    turned her towards the wall and leaned
    her back as I entered her core. :bullseye:
    We just floated deep into love.
    She moaned and closed her eyes and her head
    being supported by one of my hands allowed me
    to move her as I kissed her deeper.

    Time passed, time seemed endless,
    and we start in motion changing
    rhythm and intensity.

    I went from kissing her to stoking
    and kissing her breast. It seemed like
    a life time and I wanted it to never end.

    She came first, letting out a deep moan,
    and a strong shutter took over her body.
    I couldn’t hold any longer.
    I burst into heaven with an
    ecstasy never experienced.

    Afterwards we continued to caress,
    and float in the water.
    Whispering and smiling while we kissed.

    She asked me. Why did you cut thru my yard?

    I’m glad you did.

    I told her I used to cut thru there
    on my way home every once in while,
    but it had been a year or two since last did.
    I told her. You were never out here, and those
    bushes were not there. She told me she just
    moved in, and had those bushes installed for privacy.

    She told me she swam every night
    before bed, to relax. I told her I would
    make this my short cut home every night.

    We continued to kiss, as the moon
    bounced off the water in the pool.

    What a :blob fire: night.
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    fire and desire dis was indeed red hot to da core whewwwwwwwww!!!!!
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    I liked your piece held me...went with you and enjoyed the sensuality of the work....loved "their is a state of mind...."
    chapter especially...i believe that to be so true...

    now I am waiting to see if this becomes a ritual...chapter one so to speak...or truly the end ... :welldone: :D
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    Nice! Very well written! You ROOOOOOOCK!!!! LOL
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    Hodee-Man, That was sumthin' else! are very talented brotha', keep on speakin'on it!
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    The long but short walk home

    :cook: keep servin it up hot, it's the only way to cook it partner :horse: