Brother AACOOLDRE : Louis Farrakhan: And the Bowties of the Nation Of Islam


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Jul 26, 2001
Here’s looking at Min. Louis Farrakhan in a variety of ways: Essays, articles, letters, and fictional satirical Plays. Farrakhan is still riding on his claim to fame by insulting and making mockery of Jewish people in Israel. It’s not my aim to knock this apostle of hate off his pale-grey horse but to look at it critically and poke fun at it like a comedian donkey sometimes. The rider of the pale horse in revelations represented famine and pestilence (or poisoned food) and in my play All Praises Are Due, I offer some nutrition for Farrakhan to munch on Farrakhan is a wild and reckless orator, even in his mid-eighties he’s still roaring or braying like the devil’s jazz trumpets of an ***/Donkey laugh. One of the symbols of the NOI is the trumpet they display high-atop corner of their propagandist newspaper The Final Call. And calling by analogy of Min. Farrakhan to the metaphor of the wild Donkey isn’t out of bounds either. The Old Testament symbolized the Arab’s ancestors to Ishmael would be wild and hostile towards his brothers (Gen 16:12). The Jewish community fed into Farrakhan’s verbal hostility and rage by giving oxygen and air to his tongue of flames and got the heels of Louis’s hoofs. Farrakhan still plays the 8-track tape of the 1930’s of a Blackman by the name of Yacub creating the blond blue-eyed race of white devils. Well I have news for the hateful apostle that the son can’t be more devilish then the monster father who created him. Then the chuckle gets even louder when he spouts a belief that a Space-craft (Mothership) will eventually come cruising down from the glorious clouds heaven and exterminate all these “Albino white people” and the unrighteous. His foreign policy is weird and terrible. His best friend in Africa was the late leader of Libya Gaddafi who was passing out Viagra pills to his loyalist who would rape his civilian protesters. Clearly Gaddafi went daffy on another incident when inmates in a dungeon prison cell objecting to guards leaving dead bodies to rot with them in their bunks. Gaddafi gave the word to the guards to slaughter all 2,000 plus prisoners. This is what broke the camel’s back and started the revolution against him. Meanwhile Farrakhan characterized Gaddafi as an angel and God send to Libya. You can hear from the horse’s mouth on his viral youtube rants and final call edicts . Following Farrakhan’s leadership and advise would be like listening to the wisdom of a Mr. Ed. The best road to travel would be the tradition Civil Rights movement; and at the same avoiding the traps of being a mule to advance everybody’s struggle but ours. We can’t put a muzzle, bit and a bridle on the “beloved” apostle of hate. However, we can saddle this wild bucking Stallion with comedy, satire and critical analysis until the wheels fall off and the glue factory comes to pick up the remains (Hee Haw). Take it light and take it serious. This isn’t no horse-**** but at times you will get a horse-laugh. When the Jews were upset with Apostle Paul they debunk him as stray donkey-ditto here.

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