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    Lost Identity

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers

    The problem with those people referred to be Black and Afrikan whose largest concentration is located in the region of this earth named to be Afrika by the Europeans, is that we people now answering to the description as being Black, Afrikan, having a regional identification that has the tendency to separate and divide the so call Afrikans among ourselves and we prolong that misnomer about the people referring to themselves as having a variety of identities.

    We act as if there are many varieties of so call Afrikans, as we have been conditioned to lend credence to Regional, tribal identification, more so than to the genetics that verify our identity.

    So, when the Genes of your Being, identify you to be who your are, it does not matter to where you might roam on this planet, that genetic identity remain as is, even when you try to change it to make it suit your distorted fancy of a want to be other than your Genetic marking is verifying you to be, done so in the uniqueness of you Being as you genetically are.

    Not unless you are qualified to exercise the gift of Channeling and Remote Viewing, the so call Afrikan will remain a student of our oppressors upon this planet, and the oppressors of Black Afrikans people are a variety of Ethnic Groups that is different from the so call Black Afrikan.

    They being the Human Beings that have set the perimeters for the Black Afrikans identity, labeling us to be as they so choose us to be and we so call Black Afrikans, because we no longer have any knowledge of who and what we are, or how in the Hell we got to be as we are described to be today.

    Here we are today, all suited up with the oppressors mind, giving no thought of who we really are, we just go along with what the history of the Human Being has decided to describe us to be, Unique Beings we are upon this Planet, yet we do not know such to be Divinely True concerning ourselves, we having no knowledge of our True identity.

    When a people do not know who they are, they most certainly do not know where they come from, and they just settle to be what ever is told to them that they are, and question not.

    You so call Black Afrikans love to indicate the fact that you were the first to occupy this planet, yet you seem so mystified about the fact that any place you go upon this planet, you stand a pretty good chance of finding the so call Black Divine Beings presence, yet you stand in amazement as to why it is, and how we got to where we are on this planet.

    So simply because we were here first and making claim of that fact, does not make a **** Difference in view of our present status and condition on this planet today.

    You see, making claim to something and having not the power and authority to enforce such a claim to make it valid, does not mean nothing, considering the status of your condition on this planet today.

    Black Folks love to make claim to things but refuse to get up off of our Sorry Behind to verify such a claim, by having what you claim to be, in your possession.

    It has come to be common knowledge that the Earth in its early stage of its presence, as a member of this solar system, as so identified to be by the Human Beings, it was not in fact, as it is today, in term of its surface identified description, it was in fact One Land Mass, Surrounded By water.

    So knowing that fact, it should not be such a mystifying puzzle to come to know why It is that the Divine Being is founded all over this planet, in different regions of it, yet the region does not change the identity of the Being Genetic identity, that is if you are carrying a Gene that form you to be the phenotype that you are, and that Gene is so strong and Dominant until it have you being different in description to all of the other Ethnic Groups that occupy this planet, even when they try to change you.

    Your Difference is what verify your Divinity and yet you have been made to forgo that identity for the identity assigned to you based upon regions upon this planet, instead of the genetic verification of your Divine Identity, thus having you to be a Divine Being among all of the other Beings, yet you have allowed yourselves to be reduced to be referred to by regions using the Human Being to assign to us our identity.

    Now, let me share with you this fact, there is no Genetic dichotomy of a difference between the Genetic Make up of the Divine Beings upon this planet, even though you have now been made to identify yourselves in accordance to the sub-ethnic stratification of you, done by the Human Beings upon this planet.

    Before the action of Pangaea, there was no regional identification of the Divine Being, that Being with a Shade that correspond with the Infinite Night, the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, you being the Divine Cosmic Being who is now identified as the Black Afrikan, and by the other regions of this earth, so named by your oppressors and given to you to be.

    So Yes, the Divine Being, before there was a Palestine, we were there, before there was a Asia, we were there, and before there was earthly continents, we were there, not to be identified by Regions or continents, but by our Genetic Code that revealed who we anatomical Biological Divinely are, which are Divine Beings with a colorless shade pigment, which verify the uniqueness of our Being.

    There is no Genetic phenotype difference between the Black so call Afrikan Divine Being in Palestine and the Ethiopian so call Jew, or the so call Nubian's and the Sudanese, or the so call south Afrikan and Nigerian or the Nigerian and the Congolese.

    Take all of the so call regions Divine Beings in Afrika, named so call Afrikans and place them into one place of residence, and you will only have a Race of Divine Being whose Genetic Marker does not change, regardless of the regional identity that we have been conditioned to associate ourselves to be different from each other, we who are from one common Divine Stock, the Divine Dark Matriarch that carry the mitcrondriach Gene that genetically tie us all together to be One Genetically melanin Divine Being.

    So yes, this planet occupier is of the Divine Being, as we make claim to this planet earth and the Fullness thereof, but because of that fact, it does not hold true to the Divine Black Being today.

    Because today, we have allowed our Mind to be captured by the Mind of Beings with a history of lying and deceiving you to the point that you are in amazement over the fact that we are in Palestine, here we are claiming to be a Jew, or referring to ourselves to be the Asiatic Black Man, yet you can not bring your selves to identify yourselves to be who you really are, which is the Divine Being first to occupy this planet at its Early stage before the event of Pangaea took place.

    How Dumbfound we have been made to be about our Divine Selves, a people today taking on the identity of earthly regions, than to assume your Universal identity as Divine Being and by being in denial of who you really are, now that you have been reminded who you are, your spirit only serve to be a spirit of disrespect toward our Divine Cosmic First Way Ancient Ancestors.

    Yet you claim to wonder why it is that the life of the Black so call Afrikan is as it is today, in a state of self ignorance, not with a lost of identity.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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