Black Poetry : LOST and FOUND BOX

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    When you were young
    You was at the school
    Where you supposed to be…
    Learning some stuff.

    You ever look in the lost and found box
    And found yourself some good stuff.

    I found a hat once
    Put it on my head
    I wore all the day long.

    When I got home my mother slapped my cheek.

    “Sayings… get that off your head.
    Where you get that hat? … she asked me.
    It hasn't been even washed.
    You gonna catch you something
    They call it the ringworm ring.”

    “It looks real good
    You found it in school.
    That lost and found has some real good stuff.”

    “You can’t wear it back there someone will see and tell it is really theirs
    You have no defense
    Against those kind of words… that kind of claim.
    You took someone else's stuff”

    “Now I smacked it off.”
    “They will slap you too
    You have no rightful claim.

    Might in end up in a scuff... Or jumped… by this thing they call a gang.”

    “The streets can be real mean… the people can be bad
    There are group jumps, and that kind of stuff”

    So I sat in my room admiring the hat
    After I washed it and played with a bit

    She has a point

    I'm going to take it's not mine.
    I guess the lesson is … do not take another's claim
    Or you might end up in that group jump line.