Black Spirituality Religion : Lord tolerates anything, even things which damage His personality


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May 28, 2005
Lord tolerates anything, even things which damage His personality

When the bonds with wealth, children and husbands or wives are fully broken, salvation is complete. Even Lord Jesus patiently suffered all the negative criticism and all sorts of insults to protect His devotees. This shows the divine love of Jesus. Jesus kept silent in the court when He was charged with so many crimes. The silence shows His deep love towards His devotees. Due to such silence alone did the judge order crucifixion. Unless the crucifixion was implemented, He could not have suffered for the sins of His devotees. Thus, the Lord tolerates anything, even things which damage His personality for the sake of His devotees. Due to the crucifixion, devotees misunderstood Jesus and criticised Him as incapable. Here, the firm faith of the devotees was tested.
Your spiritual effort should not be against the psychology of the mind

You have to tackle the Maya carefully with tactful approach according to the human psychology. Otherwise, one will be insulted and thrown away by the powerful Maya. Your spiritual effort should not be against the psychology of the mind. The detachment from the family should be spontaneous without any effort. The effort means force and mind cannot be controlled by force, which is already attracted to the world. Without the complete attraction to God, if you detach mind from the worldly attraction, the mind will rebel because it needs the process of attraction as its food. If the mind is immersed in the attraction to God, it is satisfied with such divine nectar as its food. In the absence of divine nectar of devotion to God, the mind likes to eat some rubbish food and it cannot remain hungry without food. In the absence of divine nectar of devotion as the food of highest quality, some food of even low quality is needed for the mind.

When you are in journey, you cannot get homely food, but you cannot also remain hungry without food. Therefore, you will be eating some nonsense during the journey to pacify your hunger. Similar is the case with mind. If your are served with homely food, you will not go for bad food even by force. Similarly, if you fully pacify mind with the devotion, the mind will not go for worldly affairs even if it is forced.

The high quality food should be sufficiently supplied to pacify the hunger. Then only your hunger is put off. Simply tasting a little food of high quality cannot pacify the hunger completely. Therefore, merely tasting the devotion of God is not sufficient to detach the mind from the worldly affairs. The devotion should be completely injected in to the mind so that the hunger of the mind is completely satisfied by the quantitative aspect also. Once your mind is engaged in the devotion always, the worldly affairs cannot deviate you. This is the reason for the diversion of the mind to the world even though the mind has tasted devotion.
The Holy Son and the Father on High know the ending and the beginning, so They don't worry on any attacks toward them and Their righteousness. The Father knows He has done a great thing for mankind in the Son being sent to be sacrificed in the body to salvage mankind from our sins, and in resurrecting the Holy Anointed the 3rd day, so that belief may hold firm in His works as well as faith in the Father and Son.

And when one knows the truth, and has patience that the Father has given and taught, there are many things that can be tolerated until the Day of Judgment is at Hand.

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