Black People : Loose Change - 9/11 an Inside Job

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    Peace and Blessings Family,

    This video documentary analyzes what took place on 9/11/2001. Their evidence is compelling, to say the least.

    The authors say the following regarding the world trade center bombing, and i do agree:

    "It was brought down in a carefully planned, controlled demolition.

    It was a psychological attack on the American people,
    and it was pulled off with military precision."

    Loose Change

    It leaves me wondering, do we even stand a chance, if they'd do this to their own.

    I know nothing of real war combat, strategic planning, killing for the sake of a goal (or any reason), technologically advanced weapons, etc., yet these are the kinds of people we are dealing with, and up against. I'd imagine most of us know nothing of such things, leaving us woefully inadequate, unequipped, and unprepared. Even though he was killed, Saddam did have an army, land, a sovereign nation. We have nothing of the sort, virtually no defense to speak of.

    Much Love and Peace ... (which is my normal closing, but seems so inappropriate right now)