Chief Elder Osiris : Looking With Our Eyes Wide Shut, The Virginia Massacre

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    Looking With Our Eyes Wide Shut, The Virginia Massacre


    Look a there at what is going on in the halls of Learning
    Can it be just that Education is a lack of yearning.

    There they go again shooting and killing, never we to know
    the reason for such lack of Healing.

    Running, running through the halls of learning, taking Life of
    others, as if to bring pain to all the Mothers.

    Life to the Killer become under such submission, taking no
    thought or concern for the grief to be caused by such
    unreasonable commission.

    Look ! Look over yonder at the Mind of Death stricken action,
    Mowing down Life as if there is no price, causing only sorrow
    to those that will express a reaction.

    Full of wonderment we all are, yet it can not be explained the
    action that will leave an everlasting Scar.

    Who is the shooter they all ask, why did he do such a thing
    that can not justify no blame.

    Life falling down like rain from the sky, yet there is no motive
    to justify.

    What sort of an environment that plant and grow such horror,
    leaving Life to be lived as if there is no tomorrow.

    Are we so Blind to not see the hand writing on the wall of Life
    with an attitude that only Death favor.

    Shoot, Shoot, Bang, Bang, the sound spoke out in the halls
    of learning,
    when are you going to know, such an action is going to keep
    on churning.

    In America that is where it is going to be, yes all of the shooting
    and killing that prevent you from being free.

    Bang, bang, bring on the scream of cries, living in an environment
    that dies and dies and dies, never to live a life that be full of
    wonderful surprise.

    What is wrong with you, looking with your eyes wide shut, not being
    able to see the evil that is running amuck?

    I don't know, you had better learn, when evil come running, there is
    no Time for joking and Funning.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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