Chief Elder Osiris : Looking Superfically Is What Most Black People Do.

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    Looking Superficial Is What Most Black Folks Do.

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    There Is Nothing Pretentious About This Missive, The Divine Truth does not need to be verified, only a Lie attempt to convince you, in its act of deception

    Looking at the world at a superficial level, at events that affect the lives of Black people, we who know not the solution to the problems that effect unjustly, the lives of Black people, then such a level of looking, is the reason why Black people do not know the solution to the events that abusively affect the lives of Black people.

    A superficial looking Black people are incapable of seeing and understanding the submerged cause of those events that is causing black people problems on the surface of the lives of black people.

    So, what does Black people do, we direct all of our action based upon how the situation of events look on the surface, while those events are caused by the action of people that is destroying the lives of Black people.

    But, because most black people look at those things superficially that are happening, and is destroying the lives of Black people, we are unable to see realistically the submerged Divine Truth and Reality of the reason concerning the injury those events are causing to the lives of Black people.

    So, what do we do, we end up praising the very events and their prepetrators, simply because we now have been made to be restricted to looking on the surface for relief and and answers, and we not being equipped to see the answers that are lying submerged, and is capable of identifying our problems.

    We Black people sit around on our do nothing behind, looking for answers to what is troubling the black life, refusing to Think for ourselves, and we just wait on those who are the cause of black people problems, to tell us what is so call good and what is so call bad for black people.

    Such an unthinking approach used by Black people to satisfy ourselves, and to justify ourselves for not doing what we need to do for ourselves, in order to solve black people problem, ourselves.

    Obama has done nothing for Black folks, yes Black folks, why shouldn't we expect something special in term of attention to be given to our problems, by somebody claiming to be Black and is occupying the most powerful position in the world.

    Such does in fact justify any intelligent Black person expectation about a Black Afrkan in such a position of America presidential power, which prove, that America has yet to have a Black Afrikan as its President, because a Black proud Afrikan is strong and determine, and know what has happen to the Black Nation, and will not sleep until it become a United Black Nation again, and for Afrika to be for the Afrikan again..

    White folks been receiving special attention from every president of the united states, and they do not have the pattern of being oppressed, abused, and profile to be a crook, a thief and a robber, kept from having the Black life to be able to enjoy the freedom and peace that is deserving of the Black life.

    So what do we black people do, we measure and jugde events by how they affect us, by looking superficially at those events, because we have been made not to be able to see the underlining problems that is in need of being able to be seen, in order to know and understand the solution required to solve such problems.

    Any Black so call Afrikan who attempt to convince you that they can solve our problems or believe that they know the solution to our problem, by looking at the surface of the problem, is a liar and a deceiver, hooked on belief.

    Black people today only look superficially at the happenings that is going on in America, in the world by, in Libya, and all of northern afrika, and at the babaric action that goes on in Subhara Afrika by certain Black Afrikans toward each other, there where Black Afrikans are congregated.

    Because of the superficial looking that goes on by most Black so call Afrikans at what is happening in Afrika, Experience our Master Teacher, verify to us that the solution is not to be known by looking on the surface at our problems, but there must be, in order to get a Divine Understanding of what is ailing Black people and the cause thereof, there must be an ability for us to see below the surface, before we can come to know and understand what the solution is to Afrika and the Black Afrikan problems in the world.

    Superficial looking is the reason why black afrikans can not see Reparation as being the solution to Afrika and Black Afrikan problems, and you will not be able to show honor and Respect to Reparation, the representative of our Enslaved Ancestors, not until you pull off Lucifer mind and put back on your cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors Mind.

    Now, is that so difficult to know and understand?

    Yes, as long as we wear the profane Mind of Lucifer The Human Being, we will justify our being ignorant to what and who we Black people are, and it is that mental defect that have us praising the major problem now facing black people, which is your so call Black President, selling to you America pie in a believing mind, as you look superficially at the person been placed by Lucifer to pretend to be President of the united states.

    The Divine Truth Reveal A Profane lie, so there is no need to pretend what is True and Real when the Lie verify its action by the result that a Lie produce, which are victims of Lucifer influence and acts of deception.

    Be Kind To Your self Beloved

    Chief Elder
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