Chief Elder Osiris : Looking For Fault In Everything Else While Being Blind To Fault That Is Within Us

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    Looking For Fault In Everything Else While Being Blind To Fault That Is Within Us

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, have you ever notice those Black Folks who have become experts in looking for fault in everything that suggest the need for our Liberation and what we must do to experience our Freedom in Life?

    Those type of people they never have a plan of their own that will point Black people in the direction where we can travel to get the quality of Respect that we so long have deserved and they base their opinion on only what they have been conditioned to believe is best for Black people, and that is to remain as is, where we are, regardless of our condition of not being in control of our lives, it is as if they have resolved to be satisfied with having nothing, rather than to fight for something that has the potential of Liberating the Minds of Black so call Afrikan People.

    Take for instance our predicament here in America and the way we got here, which is indicative of the way we have been treated every since we came here to America, against our Will, those type of Black people who find fault in everything that suggest that we fight for our Liberation away from America, they willingly attempt to serve as a distraction to any thought being presented that require for us to let America know that we now have come back into our Mind Way of Divinely knowing, and by us being in possession of Divine knowledge, it give to us cause to let America know that there are some Black people who now totally reject America and is now preparing to fight for the Reparation America owe to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Therefore, when such a fight has been accomplished, with us Black Folks being victorious, then the return to our Mother And Father Land as the next established State in Afrika, is a worthy Divine accomplishment for all that our Enslaved Ancestors were made to suffer, while held captive in the institution of Chattel Slavery.

    So, to the Divine Wise among us, come to know that all who make claim to be Black and Afrikan, is not Black and Afrikan, in possession of the nature of our phenotype, because all that appear to be Black is not in possession of their Divine Mind, the quality of mind that give cause for you to be who you are.

    So simply because there are Black People in America , it does not mean that such a Pigment validate such a shade, which we refer to as being Black, because it is the Mind of the body that verify the classification that goes with the pigment of the Body.

    So if your Mind is not Divinely Black, then you must be profanely Black, operating with a profane Mind, a mind that prevent you from being able to See the merit in Demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Divine Reparation.

    So it is no wonder why most Black Afrikans in America or even in Afrika or anywhere else we may be, being in opposition to our Enslaved Ancestors, being Divinely rightful to be entitle to be paid Reparation, for all that they have gone through, so that their Children will be able to vigorously pursue with Demand, our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and to reject America, because of all of the Evil been done against our Enslaved Ancestors and for the vain arrogance of America, for ignoring their responsibility to pay to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation.

    It is as if those Black Americans of America, they who now are operating within the Mind Action of our oppressors, as they look for fault in our Demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    It is as if certain type of Black folks have an oppressors desire that we who demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation fail.

    You act as if you are in opposition of Black people rejecting America out loud and personal, expressing our desire to return to Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and us becoming the next established State in Afrika.

    you topical Black so call Afrikans, act as if you carry a wish that our voice would go silent from expressing our rejection of America and the up lifting of our concern for Afrika and for Black so call Afrikan people becoming united again.

    Well your wish will not be realized any longer, beloved, you who find fault in our Demand to be Free and to return to Afrika with Respect and dignity.

    We are entering a span of Time where the Profane Black Afrikan will not be able to enjoy the luxury of condemning all that represent the Greater Good for Afrika and the Divine Black Beings of Afrika nativity,.

    You will not any longer be able to go boldly along, running interference for Black people oppressors, without there being a consequence for your profane action, used to interfere with the Liberation of the Black Nation.

    You serving as a agent, a tool used against the Liberation of Afrika and of Black Afrikan People in Afrika, and away from Afrika, because you can not see what Time it is, and it is Time for Afrika to become Afrika again and for Black Divine Beings to become synthesized again.

    Yes, all of us who have been made to become separate from each other and will come back to be One with each other, and you will be the one who embrace the Divine Truth that has now come unto you once again, in this New Span Of Time, beloved.

    You can not remain on the outside of your ability to Think Divinely and expect to See with Understanding what is to go on inside of a Mind that Think Divinely, it is such a Mind that is qualified to See the rise of a Black United Nation, and an Afrika not Divided, so in order to see with understanding of that Divine action of the Mind, you need to be on the inside of your Divine Mind, beloved.

    Yet some of you Topical Black Folks, operating with the oppressors profane mind, take it to be fashionable finding fault in some Black people who Think as Divine Beings should Think, by informing Black people to become more concerned about Afrika and the Black Nation, than of an America that has shown nothing but Racist disrespect of Black people, and toward our demand for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and toward the Children Of The Middle Passage Divine Right to become self governed.

    We are living in a Time where there is no Time for Black People compassion toward Evil, and religion is evil toward Black people, this is a Time for Black People to become self assured and demanding, without compromise for that which is Divine and is Rightful ours.

    We need no one sympathy when acting Divinely and demanding Justice for our Enslaved Ancestors, and there is no Greater show of Justice than to pay the Reparation Debt owed to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Hell, Reparation is not a form of begging, it is an expression of a Divine Right worthy of respect, and there is only one way respect can be honored, and that is by America paying to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, and it is the Racist Devil and their Black agents, that choose to ignore such a Divine Right due to be honored to our Enslaved Ancestors and that Right must be experienced by the payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Now, let the Topical Black Afrikan find fault in this expression of Shared Divine Truth, concerning the Divine Right of our Enslaved Ancestors, they who deserve to be paid their Reparation, not America Reparation, but our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, they have earned it without a doubt.

    Yet Black Folks are made to remain silent in making such a Justified Demand in behalf of our Enslaved Ancestors, what a pity and a shame upon a people been held in captivity for so long until they have come to be an enemy unto ourselves.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]