Black Money Business Jobs : Looking for a RF, Fiber Optic or GPS Technician - I'm your Candidate

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    (RF) Technician
    ( Alonewolf ) California.. by way of the LOU
    I am in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    My experience in RF, Fiber Optic and Microwave Telecomm knowledge and experience would suit the right opportunity. I have field service experience. I have started and successfully completed numerous NPI/NPD projects and brought them to manufacturing.

    I have years of Engineering Tech experience, Quality Assurance, and RMA experience.


    [email protected]

    CAREER GOAL : To move deeper into the threshold, of electronics through education and utilization of acquired skills. To obtain a responsible position in the Design, Sales, Manufacture, Test and Maintenance of New Product Development, GPS, Fiber Optic, RF Electronics, Antenna Testing, and Electro- Mechanical components.


    Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, Mo. - Sept. 1977 to May 1979
    Microwave Training Institute, Los Altos, CA - Feb. 89 to April 90
    CCOC – San Jose – Digital & Computer Maintenance - Jan. 1987 to Jan. 1988
    CCOC – San Jose – Auto –Cad Drafting - Release 10 – Sept. 1989 to Jan. 1990
    Digital / Telecommunication Training - Farinon Electric Corp. – Feb. 82 to Dec. 82
    Fiber Optic Training – 1550/1310 nM -Farinon Electric Corp. – Dec. 82 to March 83
    Currently Attending School to Upgrade my AutoCad skills to 2005 standards.
    National Association of Radio and Telecommunication Engineers Member –
    ( NARTE ) Certified Technician

    Other Education – Q.A. experience, Aviation Electronics Training, GPS and Marine Navigational education. Satellite Electronics Equipment education and training. Machine Shop experience on the Job and School, ESD Training Mechanical Training and Skills. Motivated. Creative Problem Solver. Natural Leader. Very Productive. Good Communicator. Quick Study well rounded range of technical skills.


    ARRAYCOMM, INC. – 2480 N. First St., Suite 200_ San Jose/ California 95131
    June 1997 to July 31, 2003 – SYSTEMS TEST TECHNICIAN
    Responsible for the Manufacture. Test, and Assembly of WLL Four Line Subscriber Units. Worked closely with RF and Digital Engineering Groups to Test, Proto-Type, Design and Manufacture existing and NPI Product. Support new product introduction of a Personal Broadband System I-Burst. My job include building test fixtures, setting up running development test, maintaining test equipment, and assisting in systems lab. Bench set-up and upkeep. Duties include test, collecting data, and supplying data for engineering evaluation. Fault finding and troubleshooting of proto-types and finished modules.

    DIVA COMMUNICATION, INC. – 32930 Alvarado-Niles Road, Suite 350 Union City, CA 94587
    June 1996 to April 1997 - RF TECH
    Duties include testing and alignment of RF Modules. Troubleshooting to the component level. Calibration of Radio Modems for system level testing. Testing and repair of Antenna Combiner Modules. Testing of RF Backplanes and Terminations. Gave support to Eng. As needed in implementation and design of test fixtures and module ECO changes and upgrades. Assisted in assembly and system test when requested.

    C-COR ELECTRONICS, INC. 47323 Warm Springs Blvd. – Fremont, CA 94539
    April 1995 to June 1996 – OPTICS 3 TEST TECH
    Responsible for the daily out-put of 780 Mb / 1.6 Gb and 3.1 Gb TX/RX Optical Transmission Terminals. Performed testing of 1310/ 1550 nM Optical Laser Modules. Reference Recovery Boards. APD Front-end Modules. VCO Modules. Regenerator Laser Modules. Assisted Engineering in test and evaluation of new procedures, testing new modules, and debugging prototypes. Worked special projects, trained and cross/trained with depts. and co-workers as needed.

    IDB – A EARTH STATION – 38000 Palomares Road – Sunol CA. 94586
    March 1993 to Feb. 1995 – DATA TECH
    Responsible for activation/ maintenance of communication links, voice, fax, and telex circuits. Performed test and repair of Antenna’s. Up converters / Down converters, HPA’s, and Power Plant. Tested with ships and airplanes that used our switching equipment. Worked with INMARSAT to maintain and commission all vessels. Installed new and upgraded Satellite equipment as needed. Supported new projects.

    TRIMBLE NAVIGATION – 570 Maude Ave. –94086
    March 1991 to June 1992 - SENIOR RF / MICROWAVE TECH
    Responsible for prototype assembly, design support, and testing for new product introduction in engineering. Performed machine shop modifications in house on product casings. Performed test, prototype and repair of the first
    Transmit unit Trimble manufactured – A GPS/INMARSAT – C Satellite Transmitter/ Receiver. I performed testing, adjustments, alignments, and troubleshooting to component level power supplies, GPS / INMARSAT RF Boards, Processor Control Modules, and Antenna Pods. Assisted during Type Acceptance. Anechoic chamber testing and set-up. My duties included checking, adjusting, and alignment of filter stages, PLL’s, Synthesizers, Oscillators, and IF Stages. Familiar with Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Power Meters, Signal Generators, Freq. Counters, Oscilloscopes, ETC.

    GRANGER TELLETRA / a division of DSC– 2584 Junction Ave. San Jose CA 95034
    Feb. 1988 to March 1991 - SYSTEMS TEST TECH III
    Responsible for test and alignment of complex digital signal multiplexers, ( DS0, T1, E1, T2, T3 ) My duties were to set-up maintain, test and prepare for the field group. Fiber Optic Terminals. Copper Multiplexer Systems and Radio Systems ( 2, 6, 18 Ghz ). I also traveled weeks to support, to fine tune and do final alignment. My duties included upgrading and testing modified modules. I assisted the engineering group in test, prototype, and problem solving analysis.

    GRANGER ASSOCIATES – 3101 Scott Blvd. Santa Clara CA. 95054
    June 1986 to Feb. 1988 - ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN III
    Assisted R&D Engineering in the design, evaluation and prototyping of the above Radio, Fiber Optic, and Multiplexer Equipment. Drafted original PCB Back-Plane for Digital Drop and Insert Multiplexer. Performed routine and special engineering test. Determining cause, and remedy of malfunctions. Recorded and presented data for engineering analysis.

    VERSATEC CORP – 2805 Walsh Ave. Santa Clara CA 95954
    July 1983 to Feb. 1986 - FINAL TEST TECHNICIAN
    Responsible for testing and troubleshooting from board to component level (7) seven major I/O Logic and Control Boards of the V-80 mini Printer/Plotter. Assembled and tested and supported thru Quality acceptance testing Color Printer/Plotter and the PDQ – Printer/Plotter. Supported the engineering group in test and problem solving of all units.

    HARRIS / FARINON ELECTRIC – 1691 Bayport San Carlos, CA
    Jan. 1982 to July 1983 - SYSTEM TEST TECHNICIAN
    Responsible for testing and alignment of xmtr’s, receivers, and logic cards associated with the radio units. Tuned Filters. Worked with and tested modules for the engineering group. Assembled and modified prototypes and test fixtures. Help train new personnel.
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    Brother HODEE ... do you remember posting this?! :)

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    Now that Brother Pan has suggested this forum again, i have brought this thread out of hiding, and i removed Brother HODEE's real name from it. I think that should be sufficient. If a person wants to know your real name, or more information than you provide on the site, they can request such.

    So Family, please, only share that which you're comfortable sharing, as it will be available to everyone on the Internet.

    Having said all of this ...

    Quite Impressive Brother HODEE !!! :toast:

    I hope someone is searching on the net for the skills you possess, find this thread, and contact you!

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