Black Poetry : Looking Back...

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    I had all I needed and lost it
    It was like into the wind
    I tossed it
    I held on tight
    With all my might
    Yet it my heart I knew
    Something was not right
    I knuckled up and was ready to fight
    As my daylight turned to night
    Now it’s all upside down
    Turned around
    Life lacking smiles
    But filled with frowns
    I know how she should have been treated
    She thought I wanted another
    But I never cheated
    I miss her
    Fact is I dissed her
    For another chance I never let go
    I’d hug and kiss her
    I’d be every wish for her
    No more mood swings
    To me she’d be my queen
    I bought that ring
    Act as a king……
    There just one thing……
    If I could, I would
    All those things that I should
    Together we can grow
    And move out of the hood
    I hope she understands
    Cause she is Understood
    With her it was all good
    Maybe thing happens for a reason
    Some say people are only for a season
    And felling come and go
    But this is one thing I know
    The next heart I’m entrusted to care
    The act of breaking it I will not dare.