Black People : Looking Back At The Past

look at the he/she's that try to emulate a woman with the internal and external components of a man....

Now when man begins to decide what a female,male means then mistakes are made. Those are man made.

a man altering what nature has given him is man saying that nature has made a mistake....logically speaking that is the bottom line
please don't try to flip my words ....

nature has decided what a man/wombman is....not me or man....

otherwise we all would be hermaphrodites....

one love
I was with you until the last point concerning age grades. It depends in the system but the grading did not end after 40 years. Another cycle began but this system changed because our ancestors life expectancies changed.

Thank You Brother,

I was relying on the age-grade system hinted at by Chancellor Williams in "The Destruction of Black Civilization."* Intuitively I knew that if we lived to over 100, over 40 ain't much of an Elder, but I also acknowledge that in the destruction of our civilizations, 100 wasn't so universal.

I can not much speak on the age grades beyond what Chancellor Williams wrote. But I am ready to learn a little more if you are offering additional wisdom.

In my post, I wrote " Of course, this age-grade system neglects to acknowledge how long Africans used to live, but its pattern is instructive," to say that I do not understand the significance of 40 in traditional cultures where 90 was common. But I think that age-grades are relevant to the conversation, so I wrote it.

Hotep Omowale Jabali

*I write without many citations, but I realized how bothersome this is when I read this book. So many interesting facts, hard to research, hinted at without resources to delve into.
I mentioned before that it took about 40 years for one to reach the grade of Raaba and that is only according to one system.


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