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It's called perception and i'm glad it is viewed differently cause other than that all would be like a herd of cows or anything for that matter. I just don't get it anymore and when i got to that point after traveling the world and trying to see what others be saying just to meet the opposite and sometimes the same and other perspectives it really opened up my eyes and mental plane. Emotionally, i felt relieved and alive for the first time in my life. Many of the same individuals started to hate me or slowly progress as the opposite of me and it was to be expected. I learned all colors are not evil or good. I learned science is not perfect or imperfect. Math has flaws depending on the theory and how people ratifies the truth. Religion is very interesting how it is organized as I have sat in churches to mosques to being invited to circles with different races of course. I learned all blacks are not African as they said it out they mouths and not me; keeping it real. Same as the other cultures. Aliens I have never saw before though moths occur as small to almost bird size so who is to say aliens do exist? Haven't seen any saviors in site and some things i did not see that occurred is unjust so where does the savior comes into play? Ummm so far people say history is flawed and herstory is too so who is to say anyone seen a savior? I spoke to alot of people while my eyes were closed and people only i witnessed it but people are going to swear i'm crazy cause they didn't see it, you see what i'm saying? I've meditated and actually traveled somewhere else while in meditation but to others i might be crazy or something but you see what i'm saying again?? I've actually died and came back plus my great grandmother healed a bloodclot over my brain that the doctors couldn't even do unlike Dr. Ben Carson but she just sung songs, rubbed olive oil on my head, prayed and meditated and boo-yaa! So we always had this bond of supernatural even though she sat in that church all her life but still i understood her. So i can tell you the same as any holy text have by experience without quoting but because that book was written before me or so called cause this could be a dream as when i go to sleep and wake up (supposedly i am sleep now) everything is the what is the difference if i were dead?? It would remain the same and yes i have talked to ghost and even summoned my own great grandfather through the Ouija board and he was as real as can be...So it really boils down to knowing yourself and really getting away from society to be at peace and one within your journey. It's great to be on a higher consciousness with like-minded folks and keep moving but i can't adhere to the same ole same stuff. This is the reason why i am writing and will forever put out books even when i'm's called forward application and being there in the present when you think i ain't. I think like a bear storing fat(which is my word as literature and other arts to include food, water and shelter), fly like a blackhawk to oversee things intelligently my way, play like a cub to stay youthful, and rush like a bull on target to let you know i'm serious and protective of my territory which is perceptive. People just believe in what they want to believe in which ultimately brings up the problem of unity...there will never be true unity of a people and definitely not of this nation. Just look at nature of other will always be balance enough to be fair and just just like all the elements we know of that we put values on to talk about. Kids believe in fairy tales and it is evident and so do adults in adult stories...i mean some believe in porn is the only way to this and that though hide from the upper world while others believe in politics and breed diplomats and boast proudly though knowing the underworld deeply while others are the burden holders called the middle world and all is synonymous as classes when you look at it perceptively; they just took the books of ancient to a level of modernization just like the tree of life exist in every religion and even quoted to be on currency so i don't know about you but i just like to stay within my boundaries but definitely be aware of everything going on around me until i finally disappear outer sight and outer of their minds...Looking at the same thing seeing differently.

(Diary of a Black Man: Just An Illusion) Copyright 2014
As Salaam Alaikum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knowledge and respect for someones perception will help a lot.

Ex: The Sky

The Sky appears Blue because of the reflection of the water in this atmosphere.
But Truth is the sky is not Blue it's just our perception because of our position but when you get up in the sky you don't sea the sky as blue anymore because we have seen it from another position. Now should I argue someone up and down about the sky being blue or not? Or should I just present them with what I have and let them decide on what they wish to believe and be respectable about it?

You should never force anyone to perceive things as you see them you should just present them with the information and let them do it in there time and respect there thought because over time an the study they may see what you see they may see more than you see or they may never see anything.


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