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It is vary hard to except for some of us, that black people are a "Collective"...hive minded creature. We all have a job that we are born to do but we have become so lost and ignorant in our thinking...that we now have forgotten that we forgot...and others who are not of our family have taught us...only what they what us to believe and have faith in...but not to 'think' for our black selves...and that is all we think we know today. You can not think of anything that you have not been already exposed to! No matter how hard you can not do it!!

To understand the truth of the answer to this question of why it 'seems' that we today look at the same thing and see something different is proof of the above question. Know that if you don't know your can't and don't know yourself. This has to be said over and over again because some of us have not yet realized that we are not the brothers and sisters of white folks as we have been foolishly taught.

The only reason black people in the U.S. and the rest of the world...ware we have been scattered across the globe by colonialism and the slave trade...don't see eye to eye is because we are 'out of our minds' and have taken on the mind of some one else who is a stranger to our Nature.

Black people use to see things as they are...from a different perspective but none the less the same. One may see something from the front...the others from the side and another from the back...but we are all seeing the same thing...the same shape, the same size, same color, same smell and etc. This was during a time when we knew each other because we knew our collective selves. We don't have this today...because now we have 'become'...lost!

Blinded to the 'truth', ignorant to the 'facts', trusting in false illusions, worshiping more than 666 different denominations of fabricated concoctions of false images of can we see things now for what they really are? We can not see correctly even if we tried under these conditions of oppression...and the mind set we have learn to except and think that it is our own. The mind set that we collectively share is not ours and is contrary to all reality and nature...because it is we are now 'confused'.

We absolutely know that the so-called white man and woman can be looking at the same thing that black people see and their mind tell them that they see something else...hence the O.J. Simpson case. Blacks almost to the person saw the same thing as so-called whites and saw something totally different...looking at the same thing...why?

Because O.J. was accused of having something to do with or had knowledge of the death of two...white people and one of them was a so-called Jew. But the evidence did not prove him guilty and he was set free. Some white folks cried because of the verdict. At the same time most black people was happy that he got off for what ever the reasons.

The followers of one religion sometime don't even speak to the follower of a different religion in the same town. We are all on different 'teams' now today and will even fight and sometime kill the person from another team or town. We like the same styles of cloths, shoes, music, cars, hair styles, weaves, brads, drugs, slang, foods...but we don't like each other because even though we like the same things from New York to California...this is not 'unity'...this is not 'harmony'...this is not 'sanity'...this is only being a total 'consumer'...because we don't make nothing but only pay for what is advertised in our communities.

1. If we don't have unity...we can't see the same things in unity.

2. If we don't have harmony...we can't see the same things in harmony.

3. If we will allow others (strangers who don't live there) to come into our communities and do what ever they choose...sell any kind of low quality food, drinks, guns, drugs and crime...then we are not seeing any thing at all and we can be looking at the same things.

4. If we don't know who we are as a person that is a part of a collective original people and think you are something other than your self...we will not and can not see clearly and our thinking is distorted and the distortions we are given in Sunday school, grade school, jr high, high school, college etc...are the 'devices' use to keep us discombobulated, ignorant, confused and above a state of sleep walking and spiritual death.

As long as we continue to hold on to what is (white racist thoughts and ideas) false...and that is every thing we have been taught and learn from so-called white folks...we will remain in this pitiful 'condition'...until we wake up and see things that we look at in the same light of 'Truth' in 'Unity'.

The time it takes for us to understand what the 'real and only' universal truth that is our collective 'Culture / Spirituality'...the same as our collective ancestors had...before the great destruction by the invaders who brought you here and trick you into thinking like them...will be the same time it takes for us to Wake Up and see clearly. You are fooling yourself if you think you are seeing clearly now...because you are not and can not until you learn who you really are as a black people (.)


It is the duty of a civilized man and woman to teach those who don't have it or have lost it...civilization. Why not allow those who 'know'...point the way to your MA`AT that you can save yourself...we ask for nothing in return...because we know we will meet you in 'unity' after you learn yourself.
In my experience, it is difficult to get a person to see what you see, if that person has some kind of personal bias against what it is you are trying to get them to see. Example: One person is trying to get another person to realize that it is okay to spank a defiant child, if the child continues to remain defiant. Mind you, as a child he was spanked and turned out to be a great man in his time.

No matter what point of view this person tries to get the other person to see, the other person just can't see it at all. Why is that? Well, it turns out that the other person was abused as a child (or so he feels) so he is totally against spanking, even though he too, also turned out to be a great man of his time.

The difference is, one has removed the Ego, which is usually an indication of evolvement.

Peace and Blessings Family,

How do we look at the same thing and see something different?

How do we help each other see the same thing ... where i see what you see and you see what i see?



It is what you want to see, what you are willing to see, and how open your eyes are to actually seeing. This will bring about different views in people all of the time. To help each other see the same thing is just sharing what we do see already; then a person can make a decision if they would like to see the same, and by help of the one already seeing, they can, also, learn how to open their eyes to such a view. Beyond that, a person cannot help another see the same thing because if one refuses to be helped, help being offered won't do anything, but be denied.
To help me see what you see, don't preach it to me.

Don't get frustrated or assume I have a hidden agenda if I ask a lot of questions. My learning style is to ask questions if I don't understand something or know little about something.

Giving each other the opportunity to complete what we want to share and not be rude by cutting each other off.

Keeping the conversation respectful so that the opportunity to share information/knowledge doesn't get lost in the heat of our emotions, which is where I will get stuck.

Being able to really listen to someone and not assume I know what they're going to say before they say it, is key for me.

Not taking it personal if someone disagrees with me.
This is interesting to a degree. Why to a degree? Because regardless of the idea that we can see the same things differently, there are things which can only be seen for what they are and to which there can be no argument. I like "common sense" because common sense won't let you have too many illusions about anything. Imagine this: "GOD HAD A BABY WITH ONE OF HIS CREATIONS THAT HE MADE". Lets think about that for a minute. What person in their right mind can believe that???

Let me do this right. Nobody here or in their right mind like pedophiles...and yet, in our mind it was alright for God to get that 12 year old girl pregnant!!!!....why is that? So it's okay for God to put his seed up in a 12 year old girl but if a brother do it they want to chop his penis off! Make any sense to you?...cause it sure don't make none to me!!


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