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Aug 25, 2004
Lookin Fo Love... Not Really

I been... lookin fo love in all da wrong places traveling down a unilluminated alleyway
Untill I found u...
U... stumbled upon me n stunned me wit yo asthonishing personality and beauty
I found love
Is it real?
Theres no question.. my direction is to stimulate yo mind n steal yo heart in the process
And that I've done...
Looking fo love I'm not no more
I've found love... now progression begins
I'm already complete but to gain yo love would only be an asset
Not a liability like girls in the past.. no longer am I chasing fo *** because...
I've found love...
From underneath my nose u rose... crept up slow n got me shook
A good feeling... girl u dat healing that soothes a long days stress... u got me hooked
I could wed u n place u in dat long white dress... imagine how good u'd look...
But thas da future.... this is now Ms. Brooks
I once was lookin fo love but God blessed me wit a sweetness from above... I see it in u...
U are... the prototype... different from other girls... u shine so bright...
I'm on the wings of love so come hop on my flight and let US ignite... the feelings dat burn strong inside
U kno u want me...
Why? Cause I'm dat special friend who can reach u deeper den most men...
My soul flows to create words to skip da beat of yo heart on paper or wit no pen producing waves in yo ocean....
I think u found love too..... in me
No longer should u look away... look on the inside
Cause thas where my special spot in yo heart lies... acknowledge it
Embrace it... I am love... I am more than a mere amigo
So... drop those scrubs and let the lyrical lather of this REAL man rub... caress n finesse yo mind, body and soul...
The market does not interest me for I have found all I need in u
Girl... let us begin... no longer am I lookin fo love
And neither are u... because I'm right here.



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